Work From Home Icebreaker Questions

Introduction: Working from home can be both an exciting and isolating experience. To help your team bond and connect, an icebreaker is a great way to start out any virtual meeting. Here are 20 creative Work From Home icebreaker questions to get you started:

1. What would you make a movie about if you had the chance?
2. Show us the view out of your work-from-home window!
3. What’s the most unique item in your WFH workspace?
4. What’s one book you’ve read during quarantine that you’d recommend to others?
5. What success have you celebrated while WFH?
6. What is your current favorite feel-good show to watch when you need a pick me up?
7. What’s your favorite part of virtual meetings?
8. What’s the wildest dream you had during quarantine?
9. Is there a hobby you picked up while WFH that you’re excited to continue?
10. What’s something from quarantine you would keep in your daily routine if we weren’t in it?
11. What’s the craziest thing you’ve cooked while WFH?
12. Show us the funniest pet photo you have saved!
13. What’s one tech hack you’ve learned for working remotely more efficiently?
14. What’s the most interesting Zoom background you have seen?
15. What WFH accomplishment are you most proud of?
16. Show us your favorite mug you’ve been using while working from home.
17. What’s the most creative workspace arrangement you’ve seen?
18. What’s your favorite thing about WFH?
19. What kind of WFH challenges have you overcome?
20. What’s the funniest virtual meeting blunder you’ve seen?