Winter First Date Ideas

Introducing Winter First Date Ideas! From ice skating to fire pits and snug pub nights, you’re sure to find an idea that you and your date will enjoy. Here is a list of 20 creative winter first date ideas.

1. Ice Skating – Take a romantic spin around the ice skating rink.
2. Board Game Night – Challenge your date and each other to a game night at a board game café.
3. Hot Chocolate and Meandering – Buy yourself a hot chocolate and head outside to take a leisurely stroll in your surrounding park and neighborhood.
4. Paint Night – Host a paint night at home with your favorite and get creative together.
5. Cooking Class – Attend a cooking class in one of your cities and learn how to whip up something delicious together.
6. Brewery Crawl – Spend the day (or night) hopping around the local breweries and sample their delicious drinks.
7. Movie Marathon – Get all bundled up under a blanket and have a movie marathon of some of your favorite films.
8. Christmas Market – Visit a Christmas market for a winter day trip and explore the vendors, grab a bite to eat, or go on a holiday shopping spree.
9. Narnia Themed Date – Transform your home into Narnia from the Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe with decorations, candlelight and festive food.
10. Baking – Bake festive treats together, like Christmas cookies.
11. Winter Picnic – Pack a winter-theme picnic and find a cozy spot indoors or outdoors to enjoy all you have made.
12. Indoor Mini Golf – Find a place with indoor mini-golf course, grab some clubs and give yourself a challenge.
13. Winter Photo Shoot – Head outside and take pictures of each other in the snow, capturing all the joy and adventure of the season.
14. Festival of Light – Attend a Festival of Light in a nearby city and admire a spark of creativity and color.
15. Ice Sculpture – Visit an ice sculpture display that you both might enjoy or participate in an ice sculpture class where you can fashion something together.
16. Fire Pit – Gather a few friends, grab some hot cider, light a fire in a nearby fire pit, and enjoy roasted marshmallows.
17. Hot Tub – Grab your partner and take a hot and cozy dip together in a hot tub.
18. Sauna – Spend a few hours in a sauna and try out a few refreshing winter drinks afterwards.
19. Winter Festival – Attend a winter festival with snowman-making competitions, snowball fights, and other winter-themed activities.
20. Cosy Pub Night – Find a cozy local pub and enjoy a few rounds of drinks and conversation surrounded by the warmth and comfort of the pub.