What Are Some Good Conversation Starters

We all know that starting a conversation can be a daunting task. Often times, our conversations can come to a standstill due to an inability to think of good topics or opening lines. Here are 20 conversation starters that are sure to help keep a conversation flowing.

1. What do you like to do in your free time? – This is a basic and broad enough question to prompt interesting conversations as people tend to enjoy talking about the activities they enjoy doing.

2. Tell me something interesting you’ve read recently – It shows the other person that you’re interested in further learning and can make for stimulating conversations.

3. What’s keeping you busy these days? – This is a great question to learn more about a person’s hobbies, dreams, or projects they’re currently pursuing that they may be passionate about.

4. What current trends in art/music/movies/technology excite you? – This is a great way to spark a conversation while giving another person the opportunity to share their knowledge and interest on the topics.

5. Who or what has been an inspiration to you? – Everyone is inspired by different things or people in life. Asking this question can give you insight into who or what another person values and allows for further conversations on the topic.

6. What is something that has made you laugh recently? – Everyone loves to laugh! This will spark a conversation about where their sense of humor lies and if their sense of humor reflects yours.

7. What did you learn today? – This is great for someone to share something that they recently gained knowledge about and for you to learn more about it as well.

8. What upcoming event are you most looking forward to? – By asking this question you can gauge not only what things they tend to attend but also what they are excited to be a apart of and experience in the near future.

9. What moment in life made you the happiest? – Not only is this an endearing question to ask, but it allows you to understand the most important moments in someone else’s life and what things in life bring them the most joy.

10. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? – This can spark meaningful conversations about what values a person stands for and what visions they have for the future.

11. What is a dream you have for yourself that you hope to one day accomplish? – Everyone has dreams and goals in life. Asking this question can help you better understand the person as well as add supportive encouragement.

12. What is a place you would love to visit? – Asking about a destination that a person would like to visit can help you gain a better understanding of their dreams and aspirations.

13. What would be your ideal job? – This is a great way to gain an insight into someone’s passions and interests as well as what they aspire to do.

14. What hobbies or projects have you taken up this year? – With this question you can further understand what kind of activities the person enjoys doing in their free time.

15. What has been the most challenging obstacle you’ve overcome? – This is a great conversation starter that can help build a person’s confidence in sharing stories of success that they have achieved.

16. What was the most refreshing moment of your day today? – This question can provide another person with the opportunity to reflect on their day and tell you the things that made their experience enjoyable.

17. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? – This is an endearing question that can bring around great advice and stories of success that have been shared with someone.

18. What tastes have you been enjoying lately? – Asking about recent food or beverage experiments can bring around topics of interests and exchange of recipes that each one may have.

19. What are you looking forward to this week? – This is a great question to learn more about what a person’s plans are and how they can look forward to carrying out their plans.

20. What is your favorite joke? – This is a fun and light-hearted question that can add some comedic vibes to the conversation and get both people laughing.