Wedding Save The Date Ideas

Introducing your big day to your family and friends in an exciting and memorable way starts with the save the date! Here are 20 creative save the date ideas to announce your upcoming wedding day in style.

1. Scratch-Off Card: Surprise your guests with a personalized scratch-off card revealing the wedding date.

2. Music Artist Concert Ticket: Send out a mock event concert ticket featuring your names and wedding date as the show.

3. Infographic: Create an illustrated infographic or timeline of your relationship as your save the date.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle: Put together a puzzle featuring an image of the two of you along with the wedding date.

5. Fortune Cookie: Send special fortune cookies with a nice message about the wedding date inside.

6. Calendar Magnet: Create a custom calendar magnet with the wedding date already circled.

7. Personalized Postage Stamps: Use personalized stamps featuring an image that ties into your wedding theme.

8. Water Bottle Labels: Add a custom water bottle label as a unique and creative way to share the news.

9. Hang Tags: Heck out custom hang tags in different shapes and colors with the wedding details.

10. Comic Book: Unveil your wedding details to guests through a custom illustrated comic book.

11. Postcard: Create custom postcards with a message about your wedding on the front.

12. Personalized Coasters: Make custom coasters with a clever message on the bottom.

13. Customized Popsicle Stick: Put together a unique memento of your wedding day with a customized popsicle stick.

14. Scavenger Hunt: Include a set of clues that lead to the wedding date in a fun scavenger hunt.

15. Puzzle Piece: Let guests piece together a puzzle featuring the date and other fun details.

16. Game Pieces: Use game pieces from your favorite board games to form the date.

17. Etched Glassware: Provide personalized etched glassware with the date and a few sweet messages about your special day.

18. Personalized Mug: Choose mugs with your wedding details to make the date of your special day stand out.

19. Wine Bottle Label: Turn your favorite bottle of wine into your save-the-date with custom wine bottle labels.

20. Personalized iPhone Cases: Commission a set of custom iPhone cases with the wedding date and your names.