Virtual Date Night Ideas

Doing a virtual date night with your partner is a great way to stay connected while apart. Here are 20 creative virtual date night ideas to make your night special.

1. Keep it simple and order take-out dinner from your favorite spot and have a picnic in front of your laptops.

2. Participate in a virtual cooking class and make a 3-course dinner together.

3. Have a themed night where you both pick a movie genre, make-up, costumes, and drinks to match.

4. Put together a virtual murder mystery party to solve together.

5. Turn your living rooms into personal movie theaters and watch a movie you both haven’t seen yet.

6. Host a virtual game night with your favorite games including different polls, quizzes, and even karaoke.

7. Put on your dancing shoes and have a virtual dance class for beginners.

8. Sit down with each other’s favorite comfort foods and have a cozy movie night with an old classic.

9. Host a virtual concert with a live performance from both of your favorite artist.

10. Take an online art class and draw each other’s portrait from across the screen.

11. Have a beer tasting party over video chat with different brews from around the world.

12. Workout together and complete a high-intensity or yoga routine online.

13. Browse each other’s favorite online stores and have a virtual shopping spree.

14. Have a spa day and take a bubble bath while giving each other virtual massages.

15. Put on your thinking caps and have a virtual trivia night over video chat.

16. Have a movie marathon and binge-watch classic movies from different genres.

17. Explore the stars and view a virtual planetarium together.

18. Stop by the Virtul Aquarium and look at all the different species of fish from around the world.

19. Take a virtual tour of an art museum of your choice and discuss the pieces you are both looking at.

20. Put together a virtual game of truth or dare and get real with each other!