Virtual Date Ideas

Virtual dates are a fun alternative to traditional dating. With virtual dates, you can stay connected with your significant other even if you’re miles apart. Here are 20 creative virtual date ideas that you and your romantic partner can try!

1. Create a romantic themed online game together
2. Host a virtual movie night
3. Recreate a favorite restaurant experience at home
4. Participate in a virtual candlelight dinner
5. Play charades over video chat
6. Video call while cooking dinner together
7. Play online quizzes or trivia games
8. Enjoy a virtual spa night
9. Have a virtual picnic with your favorite snacks
10. Participate in a virtual laughter therapy session
11. Recreate a concert experience with a Spotify playlist
12. Read stories to each other over video chat
13. Star gaze with a live telescope
14. Participate in a virtual karaoke session
15. Attend a virtual wine and cheese tasting
16. Explore a virtual museum or art gallery together
17. Have a virtual scavenger hunt
18. Participate in a virtual yoga session
19. Visit an online escape room together
20. Celebrate special occasions virtually