Unique Save The Date Ideas

Introducing a great way to make your special day memorable and show your guests how special they are – unique save the date ideas! Here are 20 examples that will set the stage for a romantic and exciting ceremony and reception.

1. Post an Instagram story update with a countdown to your wedding.

2. Send out invitations in jars filled with colored sand and seashells.

3. Rent out the local movie theater and show your favorite movie trailer.

4. Have a Save the Date scavenger hunt around town.

5. Create a personalized coloring page of your wedding party and send it out.

6. Go old school and send out a telegram announcing your special day.

7. Have tiny personalized wedding cards printed and send them along with seeds for a plantable garden.

8. Send guests a secret romantic message with personalized fortune cookies.

9. Send out postcards with a photo of the two of you and your wedding date.

10. Rent a giant billboard in your local town with a picture of the two of you.

11. Have tiny champagne bottles with personal tags sent to each of your guests.

12. Send out a jigsaw puzzle with the location and date of your wedding.

13. Set up a romantic personal photo booth in the corner of a local hotel ballroom.

14. Make a puzzle for your guests to put together with a picture of the two of you.

15. Have custom champagne bottle labels with your date and location on them.

16. Make origami cranes each with a different fact or figure about your upcoming wedding.

17. Have your Save the Date delivered in a box with a mystery item inside.

18. Make mason jar luminaries and send them out in the mail.

19. Have the two of you filmed in a short video announcing your special day.

20. Rent a vintage car and have a chauffeur deliver your invitations.