Unique Date Night Ideas

Trying to come up with fresh ideas for date night can be hard, especially if you and your partner have already done all the classic “dinner and a movie” type of dates. Here are 20 unique, creative date night ideas to try!

1. Take a cooking class together or watch a cooking demonstration.
2. Have a themed dinner night – choose a country and make dishes from the cuisine.
3. Skate night – hit up an outdoor roller rink, ice rink, or even a local bowling alley.
4. Go drive-in movie watching.
5. Attend an art exhibition/gallery night.
6. Take a helicopter or hot air balloon ride.
7. Have a game night – bring all your favorite board games, card games, and trivia games.
8. Participate in a charity 5K run or other charity event.
9. Have a picnic dinner in the park.
10. Visit a drive-through zoo or an animal sanctuary.
11. Go on a bike ride.
12. Volunteer at a local organization.
13. Visit a local carnival or fair.
14. Check out a haunted house.
15. Rent a paddle boat and enjoy a cruise.
16. Take a pottery class together.
17. Have a movie night and watch classic films from the ’30s-’90s.
18. Create a scavenger hunt for each other.
19. Explore downtown or a nearby mall – window shopping and people-watching.
20. Have an indoor picnic – spread out a blanket, get some snacks, and eat dinner together in the living room.