Unique Date Ideas

Introducing — twenty creative and unique date ideas to make your next date night unforgettable! From romantic to adventurous ideas, you’re sure to find something fun and special to do with your date.

1. Stargazing in the backyard with hot chocolate and cozy blankets
2. Take a cooking class together
3. Crafting a holiday-themed project together
4. Have a picnic lunch in a nearby park
5. Go ice skating
6. Visit a local farm-to-table restaurant
7. Make your own snacks or photobooth utilizing local urban art 8. Visit a nearby botanical garden and take a tour
9. Attend a concert or music festival
10. Plan a weekend getaway with your partner
11. Ride bikes around the city
12. Play mini-golf at an arcade
13. Take a walk on the beach at sunset
14. Enjoy an outdoor movie night with fresh popcorn
15. Take an art class together
16. Visit a local winery for a wine tasting and vineyard tour
17. Spend the day at an amusement park or carnival
18. Go rock-climbing
19. Attend a local sporting event
20. Complete a DIY project together