Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or Dare is a cool game for parties. If one asks the right questions, the participants are in for a great night with lots of laughter and… hopefully not too many embarrassing moments for themselves. But then, who doesn’t like to find out juicy staff about a friend who always poses in this unflappable person? Leave your troubles aside, pour some good wine and get ready for a well deserved, relaxing evening.

If you’re not familiar with the rules, let me quickly tell you how it should go: gather together in a circle and have an empty bottle at hand. The first player must rotate the bottle on a flat surface, ideally the floor. If the bottleneck is pointed at you, you can choose between “truth” or “dare” questions. The “truth” questions must be answered truthfully, whereas the “dare” ones must be met by fulfilled tasks. Then, this player is allowed to spin the bottle and so on. The player who previously had to answer a question or perform a task may consider a “truth” question or a “duty” task for the next player.

Truth or dare questions for couples

The ultimate, best truth or dare questions you need to ask your partner

If you really know your partner, you’ll know what questions to ask, so you won’t hurt her/him.

Do you love your partner? Do you want to have a memorable evening? Then have a look at our question suggestions:

–          Who did you write the last love letter to?

–          What’s the wildest thing you’ve done?

–          You can kiss any person in the world, who would you choose and why?

–          When did you last make love?

–          What was your worst date?

–          An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! For five minutes, can you do exactly the same thing that the partner does to you?

–         Would you whisper anything you want in your partner’s ear?

–          Can you change your Facebook status to: “Naughty nurse outfit for sale”?

–          Would you please describe the most romantic dinner of your dreams?

–          What are your partner’s flaws?

–          Can you watch your partner until the end of the game?

–          Have you ever been tied while making love?

–          Have you still got feelings for your ex?

–          Have you ever laughed seeing one of your dates naked?

–          Have you ever been told that you are lame in bed, and why?

–          How was your first time?

–          How many people did you sleep with?

–          Could you please eat a strand of uncooked spaghetti with your partner?

–          Will you, please, kiss your partner around the ear.?

–          Can you let your partner put makeup on you?

–          Can you tell a funny story about one of your exes?

–          Can you kiss your partner as if it was for the first time?

Embarrassing truth or dare questions

Don’t take it to the heart, remember, it’s just a game. The idea of this game is to have a good time with your friends.

Looking forward to seeing your friends turn a crimson shade when they have to answer uncomfortable questions? Nothing easier than taking notes of the questions below:

–          What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?

–          Out of the seven dwarves, who would you make out with?

–          Were you ever so drunk, that you blacked out?

–          Which person in the room do you find to be the most attractive?

–          Are you in love at the moment?

–          Would you go to a nude beach?

–          What is the longest time you went without showering?

–          Would you please smell everyone’s feet and say out loud whose feet are the smelliest?

–          Have you ever had an erotic dream with someone from the group you’re playing with?

–          Have you ever stolen something? If yes, when and what?

–          Do you lie often?

–          Have you cheated on your girl/boyfriend?

–          Who’s the worst dressed person in the room?

–          Would you make love with your boyfriend/girlfriend’s best friend?

–          Will you please pretend that you’re a ballerina and dance for a minute?

–          Can you paint your left hand with a black marker pen? Afterward, please go to a neighbor and ask him to let you use his bathroom. Do not tell them why you cannot use yours.

–          Have you ever farted on a bus or other means of transport?

–          What do you do if you find money on the street? Do you keep it or do you go to the Police?

–          Have you ever read someone’s diary or e-mail? If yes, have you told them?

–          What’s one of your biggest secrets that you have not told anyone? Whisper it to the persons that sit on your left and right sides. They are not to tell anyone else. Ever.

–          Have you ever peed in the swimming pool?

Fun truth or dare questions

Yes, fun, that’s the key word to this whole game, and yes, laughter is the best medicine.

So, you say you intend to amuse yourselves? Do not hold back and ask your friends these questions :

–          Will you please speak with a foreign accent for the next three rounds?

–          Can you have a conversation with a chair and pretend that it answers back?

–          Can you try to rap like Nicki Minaj?

–          Would you please tell the person next to you what’s the funniest thing about them?

–          Pretend that you’re an expert in the art of kissing; can you show your friends what is the ultimate, perfect tongue kiss? Do not use a partner.

–          Can you flirt with a friend, as if they were the hottest person on Earth? Give everything you can!

–          Can you try not to use words that contain the letters “a” and “e” for three rounds?

–          Will you, please, swap a clothing item with the person on your left?

–          Can you play the last song you listened to and dance on it?

–          Can you show your friends you’re playing with the last picture you sent on WhatsApp?

–          Can you pose like a bodybuilder for 2 minutes?

–          Will you ask to marry you the person that is at you right? Imagine that they are the love of your life and you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

–          Can you eat with anything but your hands for the next 30 minutes?

–          Would you sing the alphabet without moving your lips? Now do it backward.

–          If you got locked in a church overnight, what would you do there?

–          What superpower would you like to have?

–          Imagine that a pillow or a cushion is a baby. Can you make it fall asleep?

–          If you’re a right-hander, will you, please, write a 5 line text with your left hand and if you’re a lefty, write it with the right hand?

–          You are a cheerleader. Can you dance for 3 minutes?

–          If you could choose other parents, who would you like them to be?

–          What’s the most useless item that you have ever bought?

–          Can you close your eyes and randomly choose a contact from your phone? Please send the person a text.

–          Can you sing a song that your friends choose for you?

–          Can you pour a glass of milk on your head?

–          On a scale from 1 to 10, can you tell your friends how pretty/handsome you think you are?

Truth or dare questions for adults

Indispensable truth or dare questions for those who are +18.

If there are underaged persons in the room, it’s time for them to put some headphones on or play in another room, as things are about to get risqué…

Goodbye prudes, hello naughty! If you’re not one to faint when hearing words like sex and orgasm, then these questions for adults are definitely for you:

–          Where is your favorite place to have sex?

–          What’s your erogenous zone?

–          Have you ever been taken by surprise in bed by one of your partners? How?

–          Can you touch tongues with the person that is sitting opposite to you?

–          Would you touch your breasts in an erotic way?

–          When you use the toilet paper, do you fold it or roll it?

–          If you were a vampire now, who would bite now?

–          If you were a dictator, what would be your first law?

–          Are you still a virgin?

–          Who would you like to sleep with, regardless if you’re married or in love?

–          What’s your darkest fantasy?

–          Have you ever taken drugs?

–          How often do you have sex in a week?

–          Did you make love outdoors?

–          Have you ever had a tapeworm?

–          Can you take off your clothes and leave your undergarments only for an entire round?

–          Can you feed someone of your choice with whipped cream from a spray bottle?

–          Will you, please, have an erotic conversation with the fifth person to your right??

–          Will you hold hands for 5 minutes with the person on your right?

–          Can you sit on top of a person and simulate an orgasm?

–          In which place, other than your home, did you masturbate?

–          Have you ever been intimate with two people at the same time?

–          Have you ever had phone sex?

–          If you had to write an erotic ad, what would it be like?

–          What offense have you committed?

–          Would you rather be ugly and popular or pretty/handsome and unpopular?

–          Will you behave like a prostitute and convince someone in the group to sleep with you for money?

Truth or dare questions for girls

Key truth or dare questions to ask the gals.

It’s time to giggle and blush, lasses!

This category features, in our humble opinion, some of the best questions that one can ask the girls.

–          Are you in love? If yes, who do you love?

–          What’s the silliest place you took a selfie?

–          Have you told a secret to someone else, even though you are asked not to tell a third person?

–          What is your biggest regret?

–          What celebrity would you like to spend a day with?

–          Did you do something illegal?

–          Did you see your parents naked?

–          Can you please massage the shoulders of a boy in a group?

–          Will you look someone in the eyes and tell that person that you love them?

–          Did you like to your best friend?

–          When did you last pee in the bed?

–          What is the worst joke that you played on someone?

–          What’s the grossest thing that you had in your mouth?

–          Do you ever pick your nose without a tissue?

–          Can you dance for two minutes with no music?

–          You have to swear like a sailor for 30 seconds.

–          Will you describe in 3 words the person sitting on your left?

–          If you were stranded on a desert island with a boy/girl that you like, what would you do?

–          Can you give someone your phone and allow that person to text anyone they want?

–          Can you give permission to all players to have a look at your phone for 20 seconds?

–          Will you write a 5 line poem, starting from a single word that one of the players gives you?

–          Can you eat a spoon of black pepper?

–          Will you, please, take 3 cubes of ice out of the freezer and put them in your T-shirt?

–          Can you pretend that you’re a monkey?  Imitate it for 2 minutes.

–          Can you go to a  wall and draw with your back numbers on it?

–          Can you let someone put makeup on you and then post the picture on your social media accounts?

Freaky truth or dare questions

As Missy Elliot famously put it, Get Ur Freak On.

We are providing below some atypical, freaky questions for those who have a darker sense of humor.

–          Can you go to the cemetery and bring a twig or some grass?

–          Can you call your parent/s and tell them that you are gay/lesbian?

–          Will you touch tongues with the person that is sitting opposite to you? Do it for 15 seconds.

–          Can you call your parents and tell that that you are pregnant/you will become a father?

–          Did you ever pee in the shower?

–          Will you, please, leave a love message to your ex?

–          Can you lay on the floor and let one of the players draw with chalk the outline of your body?

–          What illegal thing would you like to do?

–          Do you ever want to pull someone’s hair?

–          Do you enjoy rough or slow sex?

–          Have you ever done role-playing?

–          Will you do striptease for 3 minutes?

–          Can you show your armpits and have the person on your left smell them?

–          What’s the weirdest thing you Googled?

–          Would you make love to a really old person?

–          If someone searched your browser history, what is it that you’d be ashamed of?

–          Have you killed an animal for fun?

–          Do you talk to yourself in the mirror?

–          Will you think quickly of a word and yell it out continuously for 10 seconds?

–          Have you ever paid for sex?

–          What is your favorite type of porn?

–          Who would you like to kill and why?

–          Would you say the name of a person that you really hate and say 2 good things about them?

–          Do you own adult toys?

–          Can you put a slice of pizza in a blender (or bread and butter) and drink it?

–          Who in the group is least likely to achieve anything in their life?

Gay truth or dare questions

Have a look below and find some truth and dare suggestions for same-sex couples. Search no more, as this is the right place you came to.

More than 15 questions for your better gay half!  All you have to do is read on.

–          Can you lick your partner’s inner thigh for 30 seconds?

–          What would you do, if you were the opposite sex for three days?

–          Have you ever tried bondage?

–          What is your oldest partner to date?

–          Can you take a picture of your sex and send it to one of your phone contacts with the message I want you now?

–          Will you, please, eat whipped cream off someone’s naked upper body?

–          Can you make a homemade erotic tape?

–          Will you use the butt plug for a whole week on yourself?

–          Can you unhook your partner’s bra with one hand and take it off of her?

–          Can you arouse one of the players of your choice, without touching them?

–          Will you lie down and have someone tickle you with a feather all over your body?

–          How endowed is your partner down there?

–          How are your partner’s breasts? Describe them.

–          Were you and your partner ever so aroused, that you had to have sex in a public place?

–          Will you put your hand in your trousers and keep it busy for 2 minutes?

–          When did you come out of the closet?

–          Who did you tell first that you are gay?

–          Can you pass a piece of confectionery to one of the players using only the lips and tongue?

–          If you had to wear a piercing in a part of your body, where would it be?

–          Can you take someone’s hand and run it slowly onto your breasts? Do this for 20 seconds.

–          Can you take someone’s hand and run it slowly onto your penis? Do this for 20 seconds.

–          What musical would you like to be part of?

–          You are a musical instrument; which is it and why?

–          Can you touch yourself for 2 minutes on the parts the players ask you to? While doing it, keep saying I am so sexy.

–          If someone made a movie about your life, what would be its title?

Inappropriate truth or dare questions

Okay now, let’s take it up a notch and bring out the big guns with some inappropriate questions.

Henry S. Haskins: “Good behavior is the last refuge of mediocrity”. Who are we to disagree? We put down some inappropriate questions for the unruly ones.

–          Have you ever slept with one of your partner’s parent?

–          Did you ever fantasize about having sex with a dead person?

–          Can you go to a church and ask the priest if he could exorcize you because you felt there dwelt 10 demons in you?

–          Can you call one of your aunts or uncles and tell them that you never loved them?

–          Who out of the players is in your opinion the sluttiest?

–          How often have you had wet dreams?

–          Will you call the second person on your missed calls list and tell them that they should really lose weight?

–          Can you start singing during a sermon at the church?

–          Can you fondle yourself on a bus while staring at a person?

–          Can you follow a person on the street, make them aware of your presence and when you are close to them, ask them Are you an alien?

–          Would you call the emergency number and ask for a firefighter, telling them your heart was on fire.?

–          While on a plane on your next trip, can you sing loudly Da Bomb song from Inner Circle?

–          Can you go to an elderly person and ask them whether they need a wheelchair?

–          Will you stop in the middle of a crossing, lie down and stay still for one minute?

–          You need to choose someone as a date out of the players. Who would be the worst choice?

–          Who would you like to hit in the face hard?

–          Can you go to a child in the park and pretend that you want to steal one of their toys?

–          Will you walk on a street and cry ‘There is no God!’ for 20 seconds?


Weird truth or dare questions

Read below some of the best weird truth or dare questions there are

If you like to expect the unexpected, these weird questions and dares might be just perfect for you.

To your perusal, eccentric ones, we are listing some really zany, weird questions. Do enjoy!

–          Have you experienced the golden shower sexual foreplay?

–          Can you take a shower with all your clothes on?

–          What is the weirdest thing that you have done to be with someone?

–          Can you go out on the street and scream as loud as you can ‘Please love me, someone’?

–          Will you smell all the players’ feet and make a top 3 with the worst smelling feet?

–          What is your biggest sexual fear?

–          If you could, who would you kill and why?

–          Can you lick someone’s feet for 10 seconds?

–          With a magic wand, you can make disappear 3 people in the world; who would they be and why?

–          Can you put your thumb in your mouth and pretend that you’re a baby?

–          If you could do one single miracle, what would it be?

–          When are we good enough? When should we stop and why?

–          Will you describe the smell of your poo?

–          When was the last time you screamed very loudly and on what occasion?

–          You can be the president of the United States for three days; what would you do?

–          If you were a fish, what kind would you be and why?

–          What’s the most embarrassing thing you wouldn’t like to be ever caught doing?

–          You have a 5-minute conversation with Jesus Christ; what would you ask Him?

–          When was the first time that you inspected your nether regions?

–          What is the weirdest thing you have done in front of a mirror?

Flirty truth or dare questions

Let’s kick up the game with some teasing questions.

Ask these flirty questions that we wrote for you. Why? Because fun is guaranteed.

–          What does it look like for you the perfect date?

–          What do you look for in your partner?

–          Can you go to a player (of your choice) and flirt with them as if they were the love of your life?  (for 1 minute).

–          Will you allow one of the players to give you a massage for 2 minutes, asking them to massage you slowly and whisper sexy things into your ear?

–          Can you use 10 words to describe the perfect relationship in your opinion?

–          Can you ask the person on your left if they like dirty talk?  Regardless of their answer, talk dirty to them for 30 seconds, loud enough for the others to hear it.

–          Will you pour some melted chocolate (not too hot!) on a player and lick it slowly off of them while saying You are so sweet?

–           Will you choose a player that you are comfortable with and tongue kiss them for 10 seconds?

–          Can you call someone of the opposite sex from your phone contacts and tell them ‘You are nice’ and hang up afterward, without adding any other word?

–          What do you wear to bed? If anything, that is.

–          What is the most romantic thing you have done?

–          What is your biggest turn on?

–          Can you bring a rose to school (workplace) and give it to the first girl you see? Say no word. Just do it and move on.

–          Will you tell the player on your right that they have luscious lips?  Flirt with them the best way you can.

–          Can you take off your top and dance slowly to You Can Leave Your Hat On?

–          Do you like cuddling in bed?

–          How far can you go on the first date?

–          What do you do to turn on your date?

Truth or dare questions to ask a guy

Here are some fantastic truth or dare questions to ask a guy.

We often like to poke fun at the opposite sex, so don’t shy away from asking these questions that we propose for a fun game night.

All the questions you need to ask a guy are at a distance of a scroll down button. See? We are keeping our promise.

–          If you could be born once again, would you consider to be a different sex?

–          How do you like to sleep: with pajamas or naked?

–          What’s the sexual position that you have never tried, but would like to?

–          What’s the kinkiest thing that you have ever done?

–          Have you ever accosted a woman for her…services?

–          Have you ever been part of an orgy? If not, would you like to? Why?

–          Can you describe the body part that you like about yourself the most.?

–          How many times can you have sex in one night?

–          What turns you on very quickly?

–          Do you always use condoms?

–          Did you dream of another girl while having sex?

–          Do you scream during sex?

–          Do you often ejaculate prematurely?

–          Can you define a sexy woman?

–          What would you do to your favorite actress, if you two were alone in an elevator for 30 minutes?

–          Do you have often one-night stands?

–          Where do you like the most to be kissed?

–          Will you convince the players that you’re the best lover that ever existed on planet Earth?

–          Can you show the players your favorite sex position?

–          How often do you watch porn?

–          How was your first time?

–          Wild or gentle?

–          Do you like to be tied during sex and have the partner do whatever they want to?

–          If you had to choose only one position for the rest of your life, what would it be?

–          Will you take a broom and imagine that it was a dance pole? Dance for 2 minutes.

–          Can you say out loud the name of the person that you’re in love with?

–          Will you put on some high heel shoes and walk for 3 minutes?

–          Can you tell the third person on your right a very sexy thing?

–          Will you close your eyes and guess whose face touches yours?  If you fail to recognize it, you need to play the next round without your pants.

–          Will you kiss the neck of the girl that you like the most in the group?

Truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend

Get your boyfriend to answer these truth or dare questions.

Isn’t Truth of Dare a never-ending spree of fun?

It is official. These questions are the top ones to be asking your boyfriend.

–          What’s the most expensive lingerie item that you have ever bought?

–          Can you call your girlfriend and tell her that you two are through? Add that you have just met someone and you fell in love.

–          How does your girlfriend taste like?

–          Would you like to have children?

–          On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your love for your girlfriend?

–          What quirks do you like the most and the least at your girlfriend?

–          If your girlfriend were a song, which one would it be?

–          Where would you like to travel next and why?

–          You are invisible for one day.  What would you do?

–          If you weren’t with your actual girlfriend/boyfriend, who would you like to be with?

–          What is your biggest phobia?

–          How long was your longest relationship?

–          Have you ever stalked a girl?

–          Can you end every sentence you say with “Aren’t I amazing?” for the next 2 rounds?

–          Will you call one of your exes and tell them that you still have feelings for them?  Don’t let them reply, just say that you still love them (Do it for 15 seconds).

–          Can you text your girlfriend the following message: You should improve your kissing!?

–          Will you pretend that you are a 3-year old child and sing two times Twinkle, twinkle little star?

–          If present at the game, can you ask your girlfriend to give you the number of men she dated before?

–          When is the last time you played with yourself?

–          What famous, sexy movie scene would you like to recreate?

–          How many times (approximately) did you send nude pictures of yourself to former girlfriends?

–          Can you sing whatever you have to say for the next round?

–          Will you hug for a minute the second person to your right?

Funny truth or dare questions for adults

You won’t be able to hold in your laughter with these fine funny truth or dare questions.

Did you really think the fun was over? Not yet. Gather closer and let the game go on.

These questions for adults will result in a great game night with interminable bursts of laughter. We know. We’ve been there.

–          Will you go on the street with a story that the groups tell you and ask the pedestrians for money?

–          You are the slave of the fourth player on your left. Will you do everything they say for the next 3 rounds?

–          Will you sing and dance in front of a shop like there’s no tomorrow?

–          Can you eat two tablespoons of mustard?

–          Will you kiss a player on the lips, a player that the group chooses for you.?

–          With water in your mouth, can you sing ‘I’m too sexy’?

–          Can you spin 5 times as fast as possible and then try to walk on a straight line?

–          Will you drink a glass of wine (or other alcoholic beverage) in less than 10 seconds?

–          Can you sit on the lap of a player for 3 minutes and move as if you had sex? The players will have to choose the person.

–          Can you smear your face with charcoal or any other black substance, go on the street and shout for 2 minutes ‘Help, help, please’?

–          Will you let someone put a cooking pan on your head, take a picture and post it on your social media accounts?

–          Can you get on your belly and pretend that you’re a venomous, hissing snake? Do it for 30 seconds.

Awkward truth or dare questions

Just a gentle reminder: do not put your friends in an uncomfortable situation if you know that they are sensitive.

We’ll provide below some awkward questions you can ask in the truth or dare game.

–          When was the last time you cried?

–          Have you ever been a drug addict?

–          What’s your monthly, current salary?

–          Were you ever abused sexually?

–          Are you on your period right now?

–          What’s the topic you never like to discuss?

–          Did you smoke marijuana?

–          Are you bisexual?

–          What’s your worst recurrent nightmare?

–          What’s the biggest lie you ever told?

–          When do you prefer to have sex? Mornings or evenings?

–          Have you ever betrayed your best friend?

–          What is the first thing you would do, if you become the opposite sex for 10 minutes?

–          Have you had sex with someone you did not like?

–          Will you wash your hair with toilet water?

–          Can you dance on Lambada for the entire song?

–          Can you concoct a strange mixture of herbs and spices, boil it and drink it? Just make sure it is not poisonous!.

–          Will you call the first contact in your phone whose name starts with “E“ and speak with a Russian accent for 1 minute?

–          Can you eat an apple (or another fruit) and then drink quickly two large glasses of sparkling mineral water?

–          Will you eat a whole, unpeeled lemon?

–          What is the most deviant thing that you have ever done?

–          Would you give one of your kidneys for money?

–          What’s the most disgusting thing to have ever entered your body?


Truth or Dare is a great way to learn about your friends. The aim of this game is for everyone to have a good time. The way we see it, it’s a game from which everyone benefits, because you either find out something about your friends, or you get to see them do ridiculous things. Don’t do anything that endangers your life or if it is illegal. You don’t have to do anything if it’s too much for you. This game does not require a lot of arrangements or materials and it can be enjoyed by couples and friends.