Top Conversation Starters

Introduction: Conversation starters can help break the ice between two people and make small talk easier. Here are 20 ideas of top conversation starters.

1. Ask someone about their favorite holiday: This is an interesting and often unexpected question that can open up an interesting conversation.

2. Ask if they’ve heard of any new songs or music recently: Music is a great way to connect with people, and discussing new favorite songs can be a great conversation starter.

3. Talk about technology: Technology has become a huge part of our lives, and it’s fun to find out what people are using, experimenting with, and enjoying.

4. Ask about their recent travels: Has anyone gone on an interesting trip recently? Discussing recent trips is a great way to start a conversation.

5. Ask about current hobbies: Everyone has hobbies that they love and want to talk about—which ones are your conversational partner interested in?

6. Ask what their dream job would be: People often have strong feelings about the jobs they’d like and why, and this topic can easily lead to discussions and laughter.

7. Talk about books: What have they been reading lately? Is there a favorite book? Discussing books is a great way to get to know someone better.

8. Talk about favorite television shows: Discussing TV shows can open up discussions about genres, interests, and, of course, your favorite characters.

9. Ask what they did last weekend: This question can be tricky, depending on who you’re engaging in conversation, but it can quickly help you get to know someone better.

10. Discuss their favorite memories: Talking about memories can help build a bond and help open up conversations about experiences each of you have had.

11. Discuss favorite sports teams: sports teams often cause people to definitely feel passionate about them, so asking someone about their favorite teams can help you have an interesting, charged conversation.

12. Ask about the best place they’ve ever visited: all people have a favorite, special place they’ve been and discussing those can help each other learn more about the other person.

13. Talk about animals: animals often make people feel connected – these days, who doesn’t love a good photo of a cute animal being shared?

14. Ask about local restaurants: Finding a new “favorite spot” is always fun and who better to ask about the best restaurants in town than the community itself?

15. Talk about pets: Who doesn’t love talking about their beloved family pet? Discussing pets creates easy conversation and an understanding of each others’ lives.

16. Ask about someone’s favorite thing to do on the weekends: What puts a smile on someone’s face? This is a great question to find out where someone loves to go, what they do and why they like it so much.

17. Ask if they’ve seen any good movies lately: Movies can be a great way to connect over favorite characters, plots, and stories.

18. Ask if they’ve had any amazing meals lately: Discussing great food can be the pathway to many conversations and can help you each with discovering great places to eat.

19. Ask if they’re looking forward to anything this summer: What plans do they have? Have they traveled before? What are their summertime favorites?

20. Ask about their most interesting thing that’s happened recently: Great conversations come about when you ask about things that may be unique or out of the ordinary.