200+ Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Just About Anyone

You are in for a meaningful conversation when you ask questions that intend to understand where the other person is coming from. You dive into each other’s experiences, beliefs, psychological, and logical thinking. You see the world from their point of view and whether you agree or disagree doesn’t matter.

When you ask thought provoking questions, the point of the discussion is not to debate on matters that may or may not be of great value to them. You ask these questions with the hope of learning about the other person in a different light and in a deeper way.

Thought provoking interview questions

We live in an age where creativity is in demand. We need people who can think of new ideas and creative solutions, and not just those who will conform to what is already set. When you’re looking for a new member to add to your team of creative people, it is important to get them brainstorming before you consider hiring them.

  • Can you explain to me your working process in 5 minutes?
  • What are the qualities you want to work on in your career this year?
  • What makes a person influential?
  • What about a company makes you love the work that you do?
  • How do you like to be managed?
  • What are your personal traits that make you fit to be a leader?
  • What about your personality makes you a good follower?
  • How much have you grown as an individual since you started out on this career path?
  • If somebody would look up to you as their role model, why do you think they would choose to follow in your footsteps?
  • What achievement are you most proud of?
  • What great lesson did you learn from your biggest failure?
  • What do you think sets you apart from all the other hardworking and brilliant people who want this job as much as you?

Thought provoking questions for couples

After the honeymoon phase in a relationship, things can start to get cold and frankly, boring. When you think you know everything about your partner and can’t seem to find anything interesting to talk about since every day has become a routine, it’s a good thing to ask thought provoking questions. These queries will help you grow as individuals as well as a couple:

  • What do you think makes a couple their happiest?
  • What do you think is the secret to a long and happy relationship?
  • How often do you compare our relationship to that of others?
  • Can a couple fall back in love when they have fallen out of love with each other?
  • How long does it take to gain back trust in a relationship?
  • How can I be of help to your growth as an individual?
  • What is something that you couldn’t do before that you can do now that we are in a relationship?
  • Where do you see this relationship heading towards in the next 5 years?
  • What were your expectations in our relationship that have been met already?
  • Do you often feel alone?
  • Do you believe that I back up your decisions?
  • Do you still worry about our relationship?
  • When did you last feel hurt by me?
  • When did you last feel happiest with me?


Thought provoking questions about life

Everyone goes through life in different paths. No two people live exactly the same way and make the same decisions throughout their life. There will always be something new that you can learn from other people about lessons they learned in life, the realities of life, and their expectations of life. Here are some questions that will help you learn about life from another person’s perspective:

  • What is something important that people should spend more time on but end up giving too little time?
  • What is the least important thing that people spend so much time on?
  • If we could only live until our twenties, how much differently would our lives be?
  • What do you believe is the center of your life?
  • What is something about your life that you want to change and what is hindering you from making that change?
  • How important is it for you to have a purpose in life?
  • When was the last time that you felt you lived that day to the fullest?
  • What life mistake don’t you regret making?
  • How do you make the most of your current social standing and economic status?
  • Do you like the way that you live now?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your life now? Why do you feel that way?


Thought provoking questions to ask a girl

It’s hard not to impress a girl when you ask questions that make her feel like you want to get to know her in a deeper way but not in a way that creeps her out. It’s good to ask a girl these sorts of questions for a sensible conversation you will both enjoy.

  • Where does your strength come from?
  • What will your 7-year old self think of the woman you are now?
  • When do you feel beautiful?
  • What makes you feel confident about your body?
  • What are the qualities that make a guy husband material?
  • How do you deal with your insecurities?
  • How do you deal with the fears inside your head?
  • What worries you the most?
  • Do you fall in love easily?
  • What do girls struggle with?
  • What is something you wish others would do for you that you could’ve done for yourself?
  • Do you believe your ideal man will be without flaws? If yes, do you believe that guy exists? If no, what flaws can you deal with?
  • What are your non-negotiables in a relationship?
  • Do you treat others the way they treat you or do you treat others the way you want to be treated?
  • How well do you deal with problems?
  • Who is a mainstay in your life no matter what happens?

Thought provoking questions to ask a guy

If you want to be enchanted by a guy’s thinking more than his charming smile, it would be good to ask a guy questions that invoke his mind. Here are some queries for a meaningful discussion with a guy:

  • If you can have any career in the world, what career would you consider as your ideal?
  • What would you consider as your entrance into manhood?
  • At what point did you mature?
  • What was your obsession when you were a young boy?
  • What qualities of men gain your respect?
  • Who or what has completely lost your respect?
  • What would make a guy change?
  • What would be foolish for a man to do?
  • Who are the most important people you can influence?
  • What do you consider as the most tragic move ever made in history?
  • What would it take for a man to give up his pride?
  • What is the hardest thing for a man to admit?
  • How often do you cover up for the actions of others?
  • Should trust be given or should it be earned?
  • How influential is your father in your life?
  • What was your most impulsive buy?
  • Do you ask for help as often as you need it?
  • What legacy would you like to leave to your descendants?


Thought provoking questions for teens

Adolescence is the time when we start contemplating the reality of life. It is the time in our lives when we want to find out who we are, where we stand, and where we belong. There are many questions that teenagers face. It is worthwhile to ask these types of questions to teenagers:

  • What would it take to achieve what you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years?
  • Where do you think you can get the answers to the questions you have about life?
  • What do you take for granted the most?
  • What sacrifices are you willing to make to achieve your aspirations?
  • Why do teenagers rush to become adults?
  • Do you believe that teens get the respect they need from adults?
  • How do you influence those who are younger than you?
  • What pressures you the most?
  • What do you spend time on that you know your adult self would not want you to do?
  • Do you have every intention to follow through with the expectations of your parents of you?
  • What three things would you like to have achieved by the time you reach twenty?
  • What is something you would like to learn about but don’t feel you have the time for?

Thought provoking questions for kids

There are moments when kids say things that amaze adults. Children are actually able to comprehend more than adults think they could. Ask about their thoughts on matters of importance and you’ll be amazed at their answers. Try not to coax your kids to give you an answer that is similar to yours.

  • Do you think grown-ups have unlimited money?
  • What do adults quarrel about the most?
  • How should adults solve their problems?
  • Why do children need their parents or guardians?
  • How many good people are there in the world?
  • Who is not your family but loves you so much?
  • What do children want to say to adults?
  • Is it fun to be an adult? Do you want to be an adult? Why?
  • Can adults do anything they want?
  • What do adults have that children want to have?
  • What is the worst thing you heard your parents say and what does that mean?
  • What is the best thing an adult has ever done for you?
  • Why do you think should kids be allowed to go to outer space?
  • What should grown-ups do when someone hurts them?
  • What should be done to bad people?
  • If a kid ruled our country, what would the laws be like?
  • Do children get the respect they need?
  • What is yours?
  • What are some things that you cannot have because you are a kid? Do you think it is right that you don’t have them? Why?
  • What mistakes do adults make?
  • Why do kids sleep more than adults?
  • Where do you want to live when you become an adult?
  • What is the coolest car in the world?
  • Where would you get the money to buy that car?


Thought provoking questions to get to know someone

If you really want to have a heart to heart conversation with someone who you take interest in, it would be a good thing to ask questions beyond their favorite things and hobbies. Here are some questions to try asking a person you want to get to know further:

  • What do you wish you could prioritize more than what needs to be prioritized?
  • What would you say are your biggest time wasters?
  • When is it too late to try?
  • When did you last feel lucky?
  • How much of your life have you devoted to the things you are passionate about?
  • What are the things that can hinder a person from achieving his or her best self?
  • Should trust be earned or freely given?
  • Do you struggle with managing time and money?
  • What do you often sacrifice your health for?
  • How have your aspirations changed since you became an adult?
  • How difficult or easy is it to live in this world?
  • What is one reality that you struggled to accept? How did you come to accept it?
  • What do you value more than fame and wealth?
  • What is something you value yet you would trade for a million bucks?
  • Which do you do more often—over think or make decisions on a whim?

Thought provoking questions about love

Whether you’re contemplating on asking someone out, taking your relationship to the next level, getting married, or staying in a relationship, these questions will help you determine your compatibility with another person:

  • Is it wrong to leave a relationship when the feelings are gone?
  • Is there such a thing as fairness in a relationship?
  • How different would your life be if you no longer had ill feelings about your enemy?
  • Why do people cry over failed relationships?
  • Do you tend to lose your individuality when you’re in a relationship?
  • Do you trust your heart?
  • Do you believe there is a right time to fall in love?
  • Do you believe there is someone destined to love you?
  • How can love change a person?
  • Are smart people really foolish in love?
  • Why do we hurt the ones we love?
  • How do you love someone who has never known what it feels like to love and be loved?
  • Is it more important for you to love or to be loved?
  • How long would you love someone who does not reciprocate your love?
  • Can a person deeply in love cheat on his or her partner?
  • Why does it hurt to be cheated on?
  • Why do people make sacrifices for love?


Thought provoking questions for students

Once in a class, a teacher asked us to write two to three lines on what we wanted to be in the next 5 years. That question helped most of us map out our lives. If you want a glimpse into the future and you believe that the young people of today are the hope of the future, it will do good to ask these questions:

  • How would you like to be taught?
  • What social issues would you like to be involved in to help solve?
  • How can students make a big impact in today’s society?
  • How do you deal with bullying?
  • What can this class do to help improve our school?
  • Why do you think do students spend the majority of their time on their education?
  • What are the world’s biggest problems today? Do you think you can help solve some of these problems in your adult years?
  • What motivates you to complete your education?
  • Do you believe that a college diploma is still of great value in this digital age?
  • In spite of stories of successful dropouts, why do you think is it important not to dropout of school?
  • How does having a baby affect a student’s performance in school?
  • What advice would you give to students that are struggling to finish high school or college? How can you be of help to these students?

Thought provoking questions to ask your boyfriend

If you think you spent enough time talking about each other’s friends, interests, and online games, you may want to ask your boyfriend questions that dig into his mind and your future together.

  • Do you make time for self-evaluation and goal-setting?
  • What is your strongest quality that you believe would help you succeed in life?
  • How important is it to you to have success in life?
  • What is one thing you believe busy people take for granted?
  • What can separate us? (Will distance or extended periods of being apart cause us to separate?)
  • What is one thing you can never tolerate?
  • What spells the difference between a girl who is girlfriend material and one who is wife material?
  • How important is this relationship to you in the short-term and in the long-term?
  • Do you believe a husband should have authority over his wife or are they equals?
  • How should a man show his love for his children?
  • How influential is the man of the house to his family?
  • Do you see yourself as the head of the household in the future?
  • What are some things you want to change about this relationship?
  • In what ways am I a supportive girlfriend to you?


Thought provoking relationship questions

We sometimes need to ask questions that help us grow in our relationship. These questions can help us see what we are missing out on because of our relationship and what you can work on to improve the quality of your relationship.

  • Do you believe that love should be constant in a relationship?
  • Do you think either one of us has built their world on this relationship?
  • What should matter more than this relationship?
  • Do you think either one of us relies too much on the other when making decisions?
  • When do you feel most wearied out in this relationship?
  • When do you feel strengthened as an individual because of this relationship?
  • How has this relationship made an impact in your life?
  • If things don’t work out in the end between us, what do you think would be the reason for our falling apart? How about if things do work out well in the end, how would that be possible?
  • In 10 to 20 years, what do you think would be left for us to talk about?
  • What strengthens your commitment to this relationship?
  • How well do you think do we know and understand each other?
  • Do you believe that both of us have the respect we need from each other?
  • What makes this relationship worth keeping?
  • Why do we need this relationship right now?
  • Do you feel the need to add excitement to our relationship?
  • Have you had a falling out that you cannot admit to me?
  • What would be difficult for you to confide with me?

Stupid thought provoking questions

There are questions that are just plain nonsense yet makes you think about the answer. It is questionable though whether you should answer these questions because you reached a point where the question does make sense.

  • Why does dessert ruin one’s appetite for dinner but dinner doesn’t ruin an appetite for dessert?
  • Why do people give one’s two cents when it’s just a penny for your thoughts?
  • If chess is a sport, why aren’t chess players called athletes?
  • When people are asked what three things they would bring to a deserted island, why does no one want to bring a boat?
  • What is the shape of the sky?
  • Does a one-eyed man blink or wink?
  • Why is it called chickpea if it’s neither a chick nor a pea?
  • What name should not be legally given to a child?
  • Why do mattresses have designs on them when they are meant to be covered with sheets?
  • How can you find out the hair color of a bald man?
  • Why do banks have branches when money supposedly doesn’t grow on trees?
  • Why do people sterilize the needles used for a lethal injection?
  • If the egg came before the chicken, who would take care of the chick?


Christian thought provoking questions

Instead of gossiping about the marriage or children of a sister or brother in the church, it is wiser to ask questions that can help strengthen your walk with the Lord. Here are some queries that you can ask your brothers and sisters during your discussions before or after the sermon.

  • In what way have you served others this week?
  • Would Jesus hang out with you in the places you often hang out?
  • How differently would you live your life if your guardian angels were visible to you all the time?
  • How should the flock react when their shepherd makes a mistake?
  • How should we minister to the black sheep in the flock?
  • Who should interpret or how should we interpret the Bible?
  • When did you know for yourself that God is real?
  • How do we become sure of our salvation?
  • What is the most important aspect of a Christian’s life?
  • How can Christians from different denominations get along with each other?
  • How should we admonish using the Bible to correct and rebuke without coming off as judgmental?
  • How do you prepare yourself for the day you will meet your Lord, Savior, and King?
  • In what ways do you see God’s goodness in your life?
  • What was your biggest miracle in life?


Deep thought provoking questions about life

If you desire to have a long and interesting conversation with your peers or a romantic interest, then you may want to ask them deep questions about life. Be sure to keep an open mind and don’t expect to get the same answers as yours to these questions:

  • At what age did you feel the pressure to find your purpose in life?
  • Do you believe in the direction your life is headed?
  • At what point does “sorry” stop to matter?
  • Does a bucket list really help a person find fulfillment in life?
  • Are you comfortable planning your own funeral arrangements?
  • Do you think putting convicted people in prison is enough to give justice?
  • How much should be in your bank account for you to feel content with your life?
  • Why are not all people destined to be rich?
  • What do you fear humanity will become?
  • Do you sometimes do the things you hate other people doing?
  • How far will you go to get the life you want?
  • What should not be sacrificed for fame and fortune?
  • What should people do with the things you own after you are gone?
  • How long do you think will you be remembered after you pass on?
  • What does death make people realize?

Humorous thought provoking questions

When the conversation gets too serious, you may want to fill in the gaps of awkward silence with funny thought provoking questions. Here are some questions that tickle the gray matter in your head and get you to laugh as well.

  • Why are cats not allowed on a catwalk?
  • Why is it called lisp and not “lithp”?
  • What happens when endangered animals eat endangered plants?
  • Why do “I’m sorry” and “I apologize” mean the same thing, but not at a funeral?
  • Why didn’t they abbreviate the word abbreviation?
  • How come they didn’t make the word monosyllabic with only one syllable?
  • Why is the word shorter longer than the word short?
  • Why do we duck our heads and raise our shoulders when we go out in the rain? Are we afraid the rain will hit us?
  • Why do bath towels get dirty?
  • What do training bras train us for?
  • Why do 24/7 stores and emergency rooms have locks on their doors?
  • Why are mouse toys for cats inedible?
  • Should cats be taught to pick up their litter?
  • Why do people named Charles have Charlie for their nickname when both names have the same length?
  • Why do we still call it a lift when it is going down?


Psychology thought provoking questions    

If you want to do a mental check of yourself, then dare to answer these questions the next time you stop to ponder about life. Here are some questions that will help you understand yourself better:

  • Would you hurt someone if it was an order?
  • What lies are okay to tell?
  • Is there any crime that is justifiable?
  • How do you handle criticisms?
  • Do you live with your fears or learn to overcome them?
  • How do you feel about living in isolation from the rest of the world?
  • Have you ever given thought to your thoughts?
  • How much of the things you worry about actually came true?
  • Would you say to your friend the things you say to yourself?
  • Are you more worried about your future or about people finding out about your past?
  • What is a small act of kindness that stuck through with you?
  • How do you live with the fact that you will one day die?
  • How much control do you have over your life?
  • How are you different in public than in private?
  • Who are the people you feel most comfortable being yourself with?
  • Do you have secrets that nobody should ever know?
  • Have you completely healed from your biggest heartache?
  • What continues to haunt or traumatize you?
  • Does anything happen in your life by chance?

Silly thought provoking questions

Get a laugh out of these silly questions that actually make you stop and ponder. If you’ve never thought about contemplating such things, perhaps your friends have. Let’s check by asking these questions:

  • How did people figure out that Humpty Dumpty was an egg?
  • Why do we sing nursery rhymes that are actually scary? (London Bridge is falling down, and when the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby, and so on)
  • Why do the alphabet, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star go by the same tune?
  • Is it possible to cry under water?
  • Why does sour cream have an expiration date?
  • Will pampering a cow produce spoiled milk?
  • Why do pizza chains deliver a round pizza in a square box?
  • What illness is cured ham cured of?
  • Why don’t the French say “pardon my English” whenever they curse?
  • Why are cartoons like Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh not censored from little children?
  • Why do mountains of trash get their own piece of land?
  • Why do feet smell and noses run?
  • Why do people attempt to do silly dares like lick their elbows and try to reach their nose using their tongue?
  • If people supposedly descended from monkeys, are we still waiting for the rest of the monkeys to evolve into humans?

Final thoughts

Thought provoking questions to help us become aware of our feelings and thinking as well as that of others. While no two people are alike it is also not true that you are the only one who feels and thinks that way. Consider it deeply when you feel the need to feel and think a certain way. When you feel you have to make adjustments to your answers for irrational fears, then the point of asking thought provoking questions is lost.

These questions are not meant to cause disconnection and dispute. When you ask thought provoking questions, you as the listener will also be challenged as to how you will deal with other people’s answers. More often than not, you will also have realizations yourself. Equally important are the steps you make after you come to a point of realization after being asked thought provoking questions.

Whether or not you make changes depends on the individual. Often, even if you know and understand what should be done, there is a lack of courage and overwhelming fear that impedes us from making different choices for ourselves. It is essential to respect however way the other person responds and acts when asked these questions.