This Or That Icebreaker Questions For Work

Welcome everyone! Let’s get to know each other better with this fun icebreaker. Pick one of the following options:

1. Hot air balloon or cruise ship?
2. Netflix or Hulu?
3. Coffee or tea?
4. Flying or driving?
5. Scary movie or comedy?
6. Paperback book or e-reader?
7. Soccer or baseball?
8. Mountain climbing or camping?
9. Throwing a party or going to one?
10. Home-cooked meal or take-out?
11. Singing or dancing?
12. Summer or winter?
13. Hiking or biking?
14. Watching live sports or a movie at home?
15. Painting or sculpting?
16. Solo travel or group travel?
17. Clubbing or a cafe?
18. Fine dining or fast food?
19. Burgers or tacos?
20. Yoga or Zumba?