The Charismatic YOU: Your 10 Point Personal Agenda

Are you ready to work towards becoming a more charismatic person? As you have reached this point in the book, you would have gained a fare idea of what describes a charismatic person. One other aspect would be clear here, i.e. the fact that charisma is a skill than can be acquired through practice and experience.

Here are steps that will help you get there.

1. Learn To Read Body Language

This is perhaps the most important step of the whole exercise. You need to master body language. As mentioned earlier, this would help you to read your audience better so you understand them better. It will also help you project the right image and attitude for your audience.

Simple gestures, right posture and correct placement of hands and legs can make a world of difference in the manner your communication comes across to your audience.

2. Learn To Listen

Everybody hears, very few people know how to listen. Let your audience know you are listening. When you make the effort to listen, the message you are sending is, “You are important to me. I want to hear what you have to say.” To ensure that you give this message, you not only need to practice to REALLY listen, but also ensure that your mobile phone or any other distractions are put away.

In fact, when you make conversation remove everything that can distract you from your person and focus 100 percent on the person who is talking with you.

3. Master the 4 Charisma Styles

There are 4 major styles of “connecting” with people. You could find which ONE suits you best, or you could use them as and when applicable. For this however, you need to pay attention to your audience so you know what type they are and what they want.

  1. Authority Style – in this style the charismatic person is highly knowledgeable and has mastery over body language, the topic, and the target audience and communication abilities. These people might not always be most popular, but they are magnetic and inspirational.


  1. Kindness –   in this style, the charismatic person projects and uses kindness and personal warmth to get across to his audience. There is a tremendous amount of empathy and personal charm.


  1. Visionary – in this style the vision of the charismatic person is crystal clear. He is able to project his vision so clearly to his audience that they voluntarily want to be part of the movement.


  1. Focus – this is not a style to be practiced often. This is best used when you want the audience to feel singled out and completely focused upon. In this case you focus on the people, locking eyes with those looking at you. Communication is this manner is excellent when you are trying to connect for the first time.

4. Learn To Smile Genuinely

I cannot stress the importance of this aspect enough. Smiling too often will have received as an idiot; smiling too less will have categorized as haughty and condescending. You need to learn to judge the right time to smile. You should also know the exact length of time to lock eyes and smile; too short and it looks forced, too long and it would look creepy.

5. Practice Learning On Your Feet

A charismatic person fears almost nothing. To come across as fearless, you need to practice learning on your feet by coming out of your comfort zone as often as possible. Try your hand at different things, different environments and different types of audience.

Every scenario will teach you something and the more you practice, the easier it will become for you to make on the spot decisions and act in unforeseen circumstances. Practice long and hard for the experience.

6. Lean How to Become the Best in Your Field

Find your passion and be the best in that particular field. You should aim at becoming THE authority on the subject. If not an expert known worldwide, ensure that at least locally you are described as a reference point in your particular field and/ or subject. Knowledge is your most powerful tool; be sure you are always prepared.

7. See the Positive in Everyone

You need to train your mind and eyes to catch the positive aspect of your audience at the earliest. The ability to pick the best talents and qualities in a person and complementing and praising the person for it can prove invaluable. This is a sure way to get people to come on your side.

Be quick with compliments and appreciation. Even better if when you compliment someone you laugh at your inadequacy in the same areas.

8. Learn To Dress the Part

You are sending messages through everything you do and say. This is why it is important that you always dress the part you want people to see you as. Charismatic people are known to be impeccably groomed, which projects an image of high self-esteem and confidence.

9. Learn To Give More Than You Receive

A beautiful saying reads, “Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed”. For the best and long-term bonding, you should be ready to give first, always without any expectation or strings. Giving without imposing obligations is perhaps the most powerful and foolproof method of winning people over.

10. Learn To Project Positive Attitude in All Circumstances

Attitude is often the sealer of the deal. It would help injecting enthusiasm in yourself and your audience. For example, think about having to attend a meeting. How do you imagine it? Boring.

Change the way you think – instead of the meeting, think about the opportunity to meet new people or bouncing a few new ideas and getting instant feedback. It has suddenly become interesting, right?

With the right attitude, you could easily conquer the world.