Thanksgiving Table Conversation Starters

Introducing conversation topics during Thanksgiving celebration can be a great way to create a meaningful and more connected experience. Here are 20 conversation starters you can use to get the conversation flowing:

1. What is something you are thankful for this year? – This is a good way to start with something positive and encourage people to think about what they are grateful for.

2. What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories? – This can encourage memories and allows people to reflect on positive times and experiences.

3. What is the most unusual Thanksgiving dish or tradition you’ve ever heard of? – This can be a great conversation starter for all the unusual dishes and funny traditions we’ve heard about or experienced.

4. What’s the best Thanksgiving movie or TV show? – This conversation starter allows people to laugh and share which movies or shows make them feel the spirit of the holiday season.

5. What are some of your go-to recipes for Thanksgiving dinners? – This can be a fun way to exchange recipes and discuss why certain dishes are family favorites.

6. How has the way you celebrate Thanksgiving changed over the years? – It can be interesting to hear how others are adapting to changes in family and traditions.

7. What is your favorite side dish to have on Thanksgiving? – This is a great way to discuss favorite dishes and figure out which to make next year!

8. What is the most impressive Thanksgiving recipe you’ve seen? – People can share recipes they’ve seen or heard of and debate which is the most impressive.

9. What is the craziest thing that has happened during a Thanksgiving dinner? – This can invite some great stories that everyone can laugh and commiserate about.

10. What ways do you incorporate traditional dishes into your family’s Thanksgiving celebration? – This allows people to share how their families have adapted traditional dishes and made them their own.

11. If you had to recreate a classic holiday dish, what would it be? – This could lead to some great ideas and discussion of classic recipes that could be reimagined.

12. What family traditions have been the most meaningful to you? – This question allows people to share what traditions are important to them and why.

13. What would you do if you could get just one wish for Thanksgiving? – This encourages people to dream big and can make for some interesting conversations.

14. If you could have any celebrity as a guest at your Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be? – This one can get people in the holiday spirit and laughing at outrageous ideas.

15. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish from childhood? – Often people’s favorite childhood dishes are the most memorable and this can allow for some nostalgia.

16. What is everyone’s favorite type of pie? – This can be a fun way to discuss favorite flavors and debate whose is best.

17. What would you want to be the most thankful for if it comes true? – This topic allows people to share their dreams and wishes in hopes of making them come true.

18. What are some of your best ideas for leftovers? – It’s often a struggle to use up all the leftovers – this conversational topic can lead to some creative solutions.

19. What is your favorite holiday tradition? – People can share what traditions they celebrate and why they are special to them.

20. What makes this Thanksgiving different from previous years? – This can generate conversations about the changes and all the unique experiences people have had.