Text Conversation Starters

Introduction: Talking to teenagers can be challenging, however with the right conversation starters, successful conversations can be had. Here are 20 ideas of conversation starters for teenage conversations:

1. What is the best movie you have seen recently and why? This is a great way to get teens talking about the entertainment they like, as well as start a conversation about likes and dislikes in media.

2. What kind of fashion do you like? A great conversation starter for teens to start sharing their personal style and interests in fashion.

3. What sports do you like to watch or play? Non-judgmental way to inquire about their sports interests and make sure physical activity is a priority for the teen.

4. What hobbies or activities do you like to do outside of school? Getting teens to talk about the activities they enjoy beyond school can help to reveal more about their interests.

5. What do you like most about your school? This is a positive conversation starter that can help teens open up about their school experiences and what they’re enjoying most.

6. What do you think of social media? Talking about social media and the new ways of communication that tech offers is a way to get teens reflecting on their online behaviors and experiences.

7. What would you do if you could choose one superpower? Fun, light-hearted way to get teens to think outside the box and use their imaginations.

8. What style of music do you like most? Asking teens what music they prefer can help to explore their musical tastes.

9. What book do you think everyone should read? Great way to start a conversation about literature and discuss different book titles.

10. If you were in charge for a day, what would you change? Getting teens to think about the changes they would make if they were in charge for a day can be a stimulating conversation.

11. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Can be an interesting conversation starter to explore different cultures and take a walk down memory lane.

12. What type of career would you be interested in? A way to get teens thinking about the world of work and their own future career paths.

13. What YouTube channel do you watch the most? Asking teens what YouTube channels they prefer can help to reveal their interests and the type of content they like to watch.

14. What do you think of the current political situation? Asking teens what they think of the current political situation is a great way to start conversations about social issues and their thoughts on important topics.

15. What worries or concerns do you have at the moment? Talking to teens about their worries and concerns might provide valuable insights into their feelings and emotions.

16. If you could take a long vacation, where would you go? Fun conversation starter for teens to imagine a dream vacation and share the type of places they would like to explore.

17. What are your thoughts about the changing world? Great for teenage conversations about how the world is changing and how teens feel about those changes.

18. What would you do if you knew nobody would judge you? Interesting conversation starter to get teens to think about the way society influences their behavior.

19. What questions do you have about the world? Asking teens what questions they have about the world can help to reveal their curiosities and provide a space to discuss important topics.

20. What is the best piece of advice you have ever heard? Interesting conversation topic to get teens to reflect on the advice they’ve received and to share it with others.