Teen Date Ideas

Teens often face pressure when it comes to figuring out creative ideas and activities to do when it comes to dating. Here are 20 creative teen date ideas that can help make your date memorable.

1. Movie night at the park. Set up a projector in the park and watch your favorite movie together.
2. Indoor or outdoor picnic. Get a picnic blanket and some yummy snacks and spend a romantic evening under the stars.
3. Mini golf. Show off your competitive side and have a mini golf competition.
4. Putt-putt. Take some competitive fun to the next level with a round of putt-putt.
5. Ice skating. Dust off those skates and glide around the ice rink.
6. Go-cart racing. Race around the track, and show off your need for speed.
7. Bike ride. Enjoy a casual bike ride around town or a more adventurous one through nature.
8. Geocaching. Go on a fun scavenger hunt to find some exciting treasures.
9. Karaoke night. Get ready for some interesting duets and a lot of laughs.
10. Camping. Pitch a tent and spend the night in nature.
11. Pottery class. Get creative and make some handmade pottery together.
12. Stroll along the beach. Enjoy the sound of the waves and have a romantic evening by the shore.
13. Paintball. Let loose and have a paintball battle to see who wins.
14. Laser tag. Make it an adventure and bring out all your competitive spirit.
15. Board game night. Play some classic board games and challenge each other.
16. Visit a museum. Learn some history together at a local museum.
17. Stargazing. Get some blankets and look up at the night sky together.
18. Flea market. Look around a flea market and find some unique items.
19. Play arcade games. Play a few classic arcade games, and see who can get the highest score.
20. Ride a roller coaster. Take a joyride at your local amusement park.