Tattoo Ideas For Dates

Tattoos are a great way to commemorate special moments and dates in your life. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary with someone, or just a special moment special between you and your significant other, here are 20 creative tattoo ideas for dates.

1. Roman numerals of a special day
2. An overlapping heart with a significant date in script
3. Copper floral wreath with the year you met
4. A globe of the country where you first met
5. A rose with the date you started dating
6. Bird footprints trailed along with your anniversary
7. Lace up banner woven together with a phrase symbolizing your day together
8. Date intertwined in a dreamy tree illustration
9. Sun and moon inked together with a memorable moment
10. Interconnected infinity symbol with a special date
11. Line of musical notation commemorating the day
12. Branch of cherry blossoms with the date of your wedding
13. Compass with date to represent your journey together
14. Minimalist design featuring the date of your engagement
15. A bouquet of wildflowers with your first date in script
16. Starry night design filled with the date of your honeymoon
17. Yin and Yang symbols and the day you first said “I love you”
18. Crescent moon and date of celebrations
19. Delicate scent trail with start and end date of your partnership
20. Butterfly wings with the year you got married