Summer Themed Icebreaker Questions

Introduction: Let’s get the party started with some some fun summer themed icebreaker questions!

1. What was the best summer activity you ever did as a kid?
2. Are you more of a beach or pool person?
3. If you could plan a perfect summer day, what would it be like?
4. What is your favorite form of summer transportation?
5. If you could choose any country to have your summer vacation, which would you pick?
6. What was the most memorable summer camp experience you ever had?
7. What is your favorite summer snack or drink?
8. What is your favorite type of summer music?
9. Do you prefer a balcony view or a garden view when traveling in summer?
10. What is the best outdoor summer activity you know?
11. Do you prefer a hot summer day or a cool summer evening?
12. What is the most beautiful summer sunset you have ever seen?
13. What pieces of summer clothing do you think are the most stylish?
14. If you could have a summer party anywhere, where would it be?
15. How many summers have you spent outdoors?
16. What is your favorite summer wonder (rainbow, firefly, shooting star, etc.)?
17. What summer hobby do you most enjoy?
18. What was the best summer vacation you ever had?
19. What outdoor summer activity do you miss the most?
20. What is the most awesome summer game you know?