Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples

Staying in for date night can be a great way to make the most of quality time together without breaking the bank. Here are 20 stay at home date ideas that you and your partner can enjoy!

1. Movie night with a twist: make your own movie theater snacks and handpick a movie that you can stream.
2. Stargazing: have a cozy night out on the porch or backyard. Bring blankets, flashlights and some hot chocolate.
3. Scavenger hunt: create a series of clues for your partner to solve and lead them to a final surprise.
4. Dinner and a show: cook a special meal together and follow it up with a show or live comedy.
5. Bake-off challenge: whip up your favorite recipe and have an unofficial taste test afterwards.
6. Art night: put on your canvases and paintbrushes and plan an evening of art-making.
7. Couple power hour: choose some of your favorite songs and drink a shot of beer for every one that comes on.
8. Campfire night: roast some marshmallows and make some hot chocolate together.
9. Virtual cooking class: sign up for a virtual cooking class together and make a special dish.
10. Game night: break out your favorite board game and pick up some snacks to keep your energy up.
11. Crossword puzzles: get the newspaper and enjoy some relaxing quality time together.
12. Indoor picnic: plan out the perfect picnic complete with all the fixings.
13. Candlelit dinner: put on some music, light up the candles, and cook a special dinner.
14. Pottery night: use some clay and make something special to commemorate the night.
15. DIY spa night: create a mini spa experience with a relaxing facial, massage, and even do each other’s nails.
16. Wine tasting night: pick up some different kinds of wine and spend the night comparing and tasting.
17. Dance party: turn up the music and have a mini dance-off in the living room.
18. Tour the world: plan out a stay at home dinner and pretend you are in all your favorite holiday spots.
19. Karaoke night: pick out some songs and have a makeshift karaoke night.
20. Caricatures: grab some art supplies and have your best attempt at sketching out creative caricatures of each other.