Smooth Best Tinder Pick Up Lines

Tinder pick-up lines can be tricky to master and it’s important to strike the right balance between being creative and keeping it light-hearted. To help you out, here are 20 smooth and creative Tinder pick-up lines that are sure to get the conversation started in no time:

1. “Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you have ‘fine’ written all over you.”
2. “Do you live in a corn field, ’cause I’m stalking you.”
3. “Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?”
4. “Your eyes are so beautiful I could get lost in them!”
5. “If I were a stop light, I’d turn red everytime you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.”
6. “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.”
7. “If I were a pizza deliveryman, I’d be coming to your door in no time.”
8. “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.”
9. “My friends think I’m a smooth operator, and I was wondering if you’d like to test my theory.”
10. “Hey there, lucky you! You get to talk to me.”
11. “I may not be a genius, but I can read between the lines of your profile.”
12. “Are you a campfire? Because you are hot and I want to be near you.”
13. “Are you a dictionary? ‘Cause you add meaning to my life.”
14. “Do you have a map? I seem to have gotten lost in your eyes.”
15. “I’m no scientist, but I think we have chemistry.”
16. “Hey, I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend.”
17. “If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.”
18. “Is your dad a baker? ‘Cause you are a-dough-rable!”
19. “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”
20. “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.”