Shadow And Bone Books In Order

Leigh Bardugo is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of fantasy novels for both adults and young adults. She is best known for her Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Grishaverse series. Her books have been translated into over thirty languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

1. Shadow and Bone (2012): The first book in the series introduces us to Alina Starkov, an orphan who discovers she has the power to destroy the darkness that has engulfed her land.

2. Siege and Storm (2013): Alina must face her fears as she struggles to control her newfound power and save her kingdom.

3. Ruin and Rising (2014): Alina and her allies take on the Darkling and his hordes in a final showdown to save the world.

4. Six of Crows (2015): This companion novel follows six criminals as they attempt to pull off the impossible heist of a valuable commodity.

5. Crooked Kingdom (2016): The sequel to Six of Crows continues the story of Kaz and his crew as they confront old enemies and new dangers.

6. The Language of Thorns (2017): A collection of dark fairy tales set in the Grishaverse.

7. King of Scars (2019): Nikolai Lantsov must confront the monsters from his past as he attempts to save his kingdom from destruction.