Sexy Conversation Starters For Couples

Intro: Spice up your intimate conversations with these sexy conversation starters for couples! Ask these questions to get the intimacy rolling.

1. What was the last physical thing you did that made you feel sexy? Explain why.
This question opens the door to exploring feelings of seduction and physical attraction.

2. What is something you think the other person will find attractive about them?
This question highlights the other person’s unique and sexy qualities that you love.

3. What is your favorite kind of physical touch?
This question invites your partner to discuss what type of physical contact they also enjoy and appreciate.

4. What is the most surprising thing that turns you on?
This question explores each partner’s hidden kinks and turn-ons that may be new to the other.

5. What do you think is the sexiest clothing item a person can wear?
Share your thoughts on what you think the sexiest thing someone can wear can give the other a glimpse into the kind of clothing turns them on.

6. What is your favorite thing about intimate moments with me?
This question encourages the other person to think about what they love about your unique intimate moments.

7. What do you wish we did more often in the bedroom?
This question aims to identify areas where either of you might need more excitement or exploration.

8. How do you like to be aroused?
Discuss the different ways that you and your partner like to be aroused and explore new possibilities.

9. What do you prefer most in bed—being in control or allowing someone else to take over?
This question allows each partner to express their opinion on where they personally stand regarding control in the bedroom.

10. What is the one thing you would like to try in the bedroom that you haven’t yet?
Exploring new fetishes and fantasies can be a great way to bring freshness and excitement to a relationship.

11. What do you think about role-playing?
This question invites your partner to explore role-playing scenarios and find out what kind of new scenarios and passions excite them.

12. How do you feel about toys or props in the bedroom?
For a more playful conversation, discuss how both of you feel about adding toys like handcuffs, whips, etc. to the bedroom.

13. What would you like to do tonight to heat things up?
This question encourages your partner to think up a sexy activity or fantasy that they’d like to explore later.

14. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
It’s a great way to get your partner talking about what they feel best about themselves, and it’s a good segue for exploring body worship and compliments.

15. If you were to describe the perfect date night, what would be on the menu?
Sharing ideas on your perfect date night can show your partner what scenery and activity turns you on while you plan the evening.

16. What have you fantasized about doing in the bedroom that you haven’t yet done?
Discuss the various fantasies or role-playing scenarios that stimulate each of you sexually and bring in a new dynamic.

17. Do you prefer making love or having passion-filled sex?
Dialogue on the difference between making love and having a passionate session can spark a deeper connection between you and your partner.

18. How would you describe your ideal romantic evening?
This question helps to get each other in the mood by discussing the perfect date night in amazing detail.

19. How do you like to be teased?
Discussing how each person likes to be aroused can create interesting conversations about pleasure and desire.

20. What is the most attractive thing about me?
This is a great conversation starter for exploring what exactly your partner loves about you—which is a huge turn-on!