Sexual Conversation Starters

Sexual conversation starters can be a great way to start a conversation with your loved one, build an intimate connection and explore your desires. Here are 20 ideas for sexual conversation starters:

1. What does good sex mean to you? – Asking this question can help you understand your partner’s definition of intimacy, desires and expectations.

2. What do you fantasize about? – Discovering what fantasies and fantasies your partner has can help open up the conversation and help you both understand each other sexual needs and preferences.

3. Which parts of your body make you feel good when you’re touched? – Learning about your partner’s body and what kind of touch, pressure and stimulation they like can help you to understand them better and help you both to increase the pleasure during sexual experiences.

4. What do you find sexy in a partner? – Asking this will help you to truly understand what turns each of on and off, helping to create a better connection and sexual chemistry.

5. Do you feel comfortable talking about sex? – Initiating a conversation about how your partner feels talking about sex can help make the conversations easier in the future and build a strong connection.

6. What do you like to do when you’re feeling frisky? – It can be fun to find out what kind of behaviour turns each other on.

7. Are you more of a nature or nurture person when it comes to sex? – A deep conversation about whether sexual pleasure and relationship dynamics are fueled more by the natural instincts or nurture such as foreplay drills can help create a stronger connection.

8. Have you ever tried something new in bed? – Exploring new sexual activities with each other can be a great way to deepen the intimacy and explore each other’s sexuality.

9. What is your definition of a perfect sexual experience? – Understanding what your partner defines as a perfect sexual experience can help you both to create a more pleasurable experience.

10. What is your favourite sexual position? – Knowing which position your partner enjoys most can help you to create a more satisfying experience.

11. What turns you on the most? – Working out what things you and your partner find sexually stimulating can help to create a more delicious sexual experience.

12. What are some of your boundaries when it comes to sex? – Talking openly about each of your boundaries can help create a safe and secure sexual experience and allow you to explore with more confidence.

13. Do you fantasize about sleeping with other people? – Understanding your partner’s fantasies, desires and open to sharing what are each of your fantasies and whether you’re comfortable about exploring them can create a stronger connection and trust for each other.

14. Do you prefer slow or fast sex? – Knowing which tempo each of you prefer can help you to adjust and create a more pleasurable experience.

15. What do you enjoy listening to during sex? – Finding out whether your partner likes more relaxing or stimulating sounds during sex can help set the mood for a unique experience.

16. What sex toy would you like to try with me? – Exploring new toys and activities together can be a great way to increase the pleasure, learn each other’s sexual desires and create an intimate connection.

17. What would you change in our sexual life? – Open up conversation about what you want to change, and do differently in your sex life and help each other to create a deeper connection.

18. Do you like the idea of role-playing in the bedroom? – Understanding the dynamics of role-playing can create more physical and psychological pleasure for each other.

19. Are you into any kinky activities? – Exploring each other’s boundaries can be a great way to increase the trust between each other and explore deeper levels of pleasure.

20. What do you want to try next in bed? – Asking your partner what they want to try next in bed can be an exciting conversation and help build a trusting and safe relationship around each person’s sexual needs.