School Icebreaker Questions

It can be tricky to get to know one another when meeting new classmates at the start of the school year. Here are some school icebreaker questions to help everyone get to know one another better:

1. What’s your favorite subject in school?
2. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
3. If you could master one skill, what would it be?
4. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
6. What type of books do you like to read?
7. What’s your favorite color?
8. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
9. What’s your favorite food?
10. What embarrasses you the most?
11. What would you do as your dream job?
12. What language would you like to learn?
13. What are three things on your bucket list?
14. What was the last movie you watched?
15. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
16. What TV shows do you watch the most?
17. What’s your favorite hobby?
18. Do you prefer being outdoors or indoors?
19. If you could invite any celebrity to your birthday party, who would it be?
20. What would be the first thing you’d do if you had a million dollars?