Save The Dates Ideas

Save the dates give your guests a chance to plan ahead for the festivities and can be a fun and creative way to set the tone of your upcoming special event. Here are 20 ideas to help you craft the perfect save the date!

1. Instagram Photo Filter: Use your favorite Instagram filter and add a personalized message to save the date.

2. Map It Out: Follow a map to the final destination and mark the place of your upcoming event with a personalized message.

3. Mini Flag Banner: Print and attach small flags of colors that represent your event and hang them from a string or ribbon.

4. Yarn Bombs: Adorn a tree or park bench with colorful yarn and attach your save the date message.

5. House of Cards: Create a house of cards with your date, location, and a personalized message attached.

6. Puzzle Piece: Cut a personal message into pieces and mail to guests to be assembled and read the message.

7. Reusable Stamp: Design and create a reusable stamp that guests can use to send an RSVP.

8. Plant a Tree: Plant a tree in honor of your event and send everyone a seedling with a save the date.

9. Leafy Letters: Spell out a message with dried leaves and attach a string to hang, or place into a paper envelope.

10. Typewriter Keys: Type a save the date message on vintage typewriter keys and mail, or add to a card.

11. Break the Chain: Give the first link a personalized message, the last link the RSVP address, and break the chain apart between them.

12. Keychain: Create a custom keychain with a save the date message that guests can keep for a memento.

13. Life-Size Replica: Construct a life-size cut-out of yourselves customizing your message and mailing instructions.

14. Custom Bullet Journaling: Design a custom page with a save-the-date invitation in a bullet journal page.

15. Pencil Charcoal Drawing: Use charcoal pencils to draw a custom picture that provides your event details.

16. Matchbox Message: Place a personalized message in a matchbox and mail to family and friends.

17. Wax Seal: Use a wax seal to send a personalized message as part of the save-the-date.

18. Printed Money: Send a printed money note along with your save-the-date message.

19. Paint the Town: Paint or chalk a mural about your celebration on a boardwalk or sidewalk.

20. Magnetic Magnets: Provide guests with a souvenir of your event with customized magnets!