Save The Date Picture Ideas

Save the Date Picture Ideas are a great way to get your guests excited for your special day. From traditional photos to creative photoshoot ideas, there are endless possibilities when thinking of what to capture with your camera. Here are twenty creative ideas to make sure your Save the Date is remembered:

1. Have the couple stand in a wheat field or a golden field of wildflowers with sun setting in the background.
2. Spell out the names of the couple in rocks on the beach.
3. Take a selfie of the couple at their favorite restaurant.
4. Incorporate the couple’s pets into the photoshoot.
5. Capture a classic pose of the couple in front of local sights or monuments.
6. Put the date in neon lights.
7. Create a collage of the happy couple.
8. Print a silhouette of the couple on the beach with the horizon in the background.
9. Have the couple pose in the rain with their umbrellas.
10. Take a picture of the couple in front of a cabin in the woods.
11. Get creative with props like a chalkboard or balloons spelling out the details.
12. Have the couple standing in front of the sunset or on top of a mountain
13. Pose the couple on a vintage car or bike.
14. Set up a moody photoshoot in an antique store.
15. Incorporate books, music, or other hobbies into the picture.
16. Spell out the couple’s initials amidst a field of colorful wildflowers.
17. Use fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere.
18. Capture a moment with the couple looking into each other’s eyes.
19. Package the Save the Date with a prop such as sunglasses or a hat.
20. Add some color to the scene by adding bright colored umbrellas or balloons.