Save Date Ideas

Save the date ideas are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your special event! Here are 20 creative ideas to help you personalize and make your event memorable.

1. Use a jigsaw puzzle. Have guests assemble the puzzle and find their names with the date on it!
2. Feature a postcard or letter with all the event details.
3. Have guests write their own save-the-date in a postcard.
4. Create a poster or banner and hang it at your location.
5. Make a short film or animation.
6. Use a customized QR code.
7. Include a countdown timer as part of your save-the-date.
8. Create a fortune-teller mad-lib game.
9. Use an old-fashioned roll of film.
10. Check out geocaching for a fun twist.
11. Create magnets for a nostalgic touch.
12. Use a map or globe to emphasize the location
13. Stage a silly scene and capture it in a photo.
14. Create a music video to use as a save-the-date
15. Incorporate balloons to grab your guests’ attention
16. Personalize custom coasters to send out
17. Use a board game, card game, or Scrabble for your save-the-date
18. Incorporate a photo booth where guests write the date
19. Have a photo of you and your partner with the date written in a heart
20. Use a game of “Guess Who” with people who will be at the event