Relaxation Techniques to Battle Anxiety

Finally, here are some techniques that you can do to help you relax whenever you feel a bout of any anxiety symptom. No need for you to worry if anyone’s looking or if someone might see, because these techniques are really simple, but they can surely relax you.


  1. Slowly breathe in through your nose and fill your lungs with air as much as you can. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat until it calms you and your heartbeat. Remember, your heartbeat says it all. If the beat is irregular, too slow, or too fast, do this relaxation technique to help regulate it.
  2. If you are feeling tensed and stressed, pull up your shoulders as close as you can to your ears and then relax them. This works well with the neck and arm stretching.
  3. For your neck, simply tilt your head forward until your chin is close to your chest and lift it back to the original position.
  4. To rest your tired eyes and lower your stress levels as you sit in your office chair, simply look away from your computer, squint and relax your eyes 3-5 times. Next, bring your brows together and then relax.
  5. To promote better blood flow as you sit for long hours in front of your office desk, stretch your arms as far as you can away from your body and relax. Now, flex your hands as you stretch your fingers, then relax. Better yet, mimic how a cat stretches indulgently and you will find it feels better.
  6. For your feet and legs, like you did with your arms, simply stretch your legs as far as you can away from your body and flex your feet then relax.
  7. Visualize to help bring some peace to your mind. Go to a quiet place or use your trusty earphones and play a relaxing music as you close your eyes. Let your mind drift to whatever and wherever it wants to go. Remember, never ask yourself questions as you do this, nor try to analyze what is happening because you ruin your mind’s drifting as soon as you do. When you are done, don’t open your eyes yet and slowly bring your consciousness back. Once you are familiar with the sounds you regularly hear like people walking or talking and doors closing and opening, slowly open your eyes. Do this for 5-10 minutes a day or as much as you like, provided you are in a place where you can sit and relax without someone bothering you.