Red Flags That Your Child is a Bully

The following are some Red Flags to look out for that your child may be a bully.

– Likes to manipulate and be in control or in charge of situations

– Popular with peers that envy their power

– Physically larger usually than peers use it to intimidate and manipulate others

– Love to win hate to loose are not good losers or winners will make fun of losers

– Feel that they will attack others before they get attacked

– They feel little to no compassion for others

– They are very self-absorbed in getting what they want when they want it

– They will defend their negative behavior by saying that the victim deserved – what they got showing no remorse what so ever

– Bullies are more likely to get into trouble than a non-bully

– When they are discussing bullying that they were involved in they show next to no emotion about it

– Blaming other people for their problems is something that is pretty common with bullies

– Stubborn refusing to accept responsibility for their negative behavior or making sincere apologies to their victims

– If there is conflict going on even if they are not directly involved in they get – pleasure from it as it excites them

– Will continually lie to stay out of trouble even blaming others for something they did

– Totally disregards the school rules time and time again showing no respect for authority

– Bullies also tend to be defiant towards adults

– Usually seeking attention even if it is bad attention

– Only concerned about there own needs and pleasure

– Showing to be confident and have a high self-esteem

– Lack social skills can also be anti-social

– Have difficulty in fitting in with others in groups may even be lonely or loner

-Also have a close network of friends that are more like their henchmen that do what ever he/she tells them to do

– Also lack coping skills or they themselves could be a victim of bullying.