Red Flags That Your Child is Being Bullied

The following are some red flags to look out for that your child may be getting bullied at school.

– Child pretends to be sick quite often to stay home from school

– Their grades have been dropping

– Seem to have no interest in school activities

– Have trouble concentrating in school

– Their minds are thinking of ways to avoid bully rather than on school work

– Want to take a different route to school or different bus to avoid bully

– Spend time on weekends at home no desire to venture outside of home

– Become withdrawn and reclusive have no friends

– Talk about running away

– Say that they wish they were dead or self-harm such as cutting themselves

– Start to stutter or bed wetting, or develop a tic

– Bullied victims may walk with head low do not like direct eye contact with others

– Want extra money for school often

– Avoid certain areas of the school

– Become overly concerned about their personal safety

– Behave in a nervous, anxious, clingy way

– Quick to temper, angry and irritated

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