Questions To Ask A Girl

When you’re on a date or just having a casual conversation with a girl, you may be puzzled as to what you should be asking a girl so she will like you too. The questions below are not meant to be asked like in an interview. They are meant to spark a conversation that goes from light-hearted to romantic (and even sensual) as you go deeper into your conversation.

Whether or not you are interested in having a romantic relationship with this girl, the fact that you are searching for questions to ask her tells us you are interested in getting to know her more. So with that, read on and learn about what you can ask a girl you like and what you should refrain from asking.

Embarrassing questions to ask a girl

There are questions that easily bother ladies. Questions related to weight, age, and sex can quickly turn off most ladies. Still, some girls are open to answering these questions. If your girl is game, you may get away with asking these questions and learn something more personal about her. Then again, if you put her off with any of these questions along the way, you’ll know best not to push her beyond her limits.

What do you like about me?

What about me turns you on?

Are you turned on by a hairy chest?

What is your biggest turn off?

Where do you want to go on a date with me?

When was the last time a guy asked you out?

Do you make out with strangers?

So, how many guys have you dated?

Is financial stability more important to you than true love?

Do you have vices?

Have you ever been put in jail?

Can we hang out just for fun?

What comes to mind every time you kiss?

How would you react if I kissed you now?

Would you split the bill with me?

How far will you go with a date with someone you met online?

What do you have on right now?

Have you ever had an abortion?

What is your bra size?

If you think those questions are too dangerous to ask the girl you’re conversing with, then let’s tone down the questions a little. Here are some questions you can ask girls that are not too vain and conscious about their image. If that is your kind of girl, you will end up with a fun conversation using these questions:

What is one thing you stole?

Would you consider stealing my heart? (Jaw drop!)

What is the most embarrassing thing you were caught doing?

How long can you go without a bath?

Have you ever been caught farting in public?

How often do you get drunk while partying?

Have you ever peed while standing?

Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

What is the wildest challenge you did in a Truth or Dare game?

If you’re already in a romantic relationship, here are some questions you may think you are allowed to know as a boyfriend. Keep in mind that some of the questions below are not meant to be asked of girls that take everything seriously. You may just find yourself kicked out the door with some of the questions below. Think twice before asking embarrassing questions to your girlfriend like:

Is it that time of the month again?

Haven’t you gained weight?

Why did you leave your job?

Why don’t you have makeup on?

Why does your face look so dull?

Why do you smell?

Have you ever considered yourself as bisexual?

Have you ever been cheated on?

Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

Have you ever been fake to anyone?

Would you consider having an open relationship?

Have you ever pictured me cheating on you with your best friend? (If all goes wrong, say it’s just a prank!)


Hot questions to ask a girl

You don’t always have to be conscious of the questions you ask a girl. When you meet a girl for a couple of times already, you can ask more leading questions that end with your goal in mind. Let’s face it; many guys just want to get laid. Let’s try to see if your girl wants to do it with you too with these questions:

What is the hottest thing you can put in your mouth?

Do you think ladies should wait to be asked or should they take the initiative?

How hot is this weather?

How often do you enjoy giving yourself pleasure?

Do you touch yourself while thinking of me?

Do you like going on top?

How aggressive do you want it in bed?

Do you ever copy what you watch on porn?

Have you ever been told you’re a good kisser?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a good kisser are you?

If we can do anything else besides talk right now, what would it be?

Do you ever fantasize being in bed with a stranger?

Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?

What do you think about people who have sex in public?

Do you ever get wet in public?

Are you satisfied with your current sexual relations?

How often do you like having sex?

Do you have a sexual fantasy that is yet to be realized?

What wouldn’t you do if you could tie me up?

If you were tied up, what would you want to be done to you?

If you want to be more subtle in asking your girl, you can take it slow and build the heat as the questions get more intense. You can start slow with questions such as these:

What is the slyest excuse a guy came up with to get you over to their house and you ended up making out or in bed together?

What part of the male’s body do you check out first?

Do you ever check out other women? If yes, what do you notice about them?

What sex scene in a movie turned you on?

What sex scene in a movie do you want to copy?

What do you find yummy in a man’s body?

What do you think is the sexiest part of my body?

What do you secretly fantasize about?

Do you ever fantasize about me?

Do you ever have erotic dreams?

If you could look but not touch any part of my body, what would you like to see?

Have you ever sent dirty text messages?

Do you have nude photos or videos of yourself?

Have you ever sent photos of yourself while chatting with someone?

What do you wear to make you feel sexy?

How would you react if I told you that I am not wearing underwear right now?

If I covered your eyes, what do you expect would happen after?

Would you ever be caught having sex in public?

Would you like to play a game with me where we take one piece of clothing off every time we lose?


Questions to ask a girl on a date

So you finally got the girl to go out with you. This is your opportunity to get to know this girl beyond what’s on her social media profile. So what do you ask a girl on a first date? Here are some good questions to ask a girl on your first date:

What movie have you been wanting to watch?

Do you find it easy to get up in the morning?

Do you often like to sleep late at night?

Can you make a funny accent?

Are you multilingual?

What language do you want to learn to speak?

Do you like cooking?

Have you been wanting to try a new ice cream flavor or dessert?

Do you like giving people nicknames?

What kind of pets do you have and what are their names?

What strange pet would you like to have and what would you name it?

Do you like going to pet cafes?

Do you like going to board games cafes?

Do you have a personal item signed by a celebrity?

Who is your inspiration for your outfits?

Would you say you are a homebody or do you like going out every chance you can get?

Do you seek adventure?

Are you interested in having a video game match with me?

Do you enjoy playing arcade games?

Would you go on vacation with a friend?

What hobby do you manage to insert in your busy schedule?

Are you allergic to flowers or chocolates?

Do you like getting flowers?

Do you have any favorite chocolates?

Is there any food you are allergic to?

Do you have any phobias I should know about?

What color is most dominant in all the things you own?

What songs do you like listening to right now?

Are you a fanatic of any movie star, band or musician?

Do you spend time playing any sports?

Do you watch any sports teams on TV?

Do you like watching sports games in a stadium?

If all goes well with your first date, you may land a second date and many more consecutive dates thereafter. You will want to unravel more mysteries about this girl you are dating. The questions you will ask will be more daring and personal such as these:

What is your family like?

Do you have a weekly or annual family tradition that you cherish a lot?

Do you like surprises?

Do you like receiving presents?

Do you believe in astrology?

Do you base your relationships on astrology?

Would you be in a relationship with someone who does not have the same religion as you?

What is very important to you in a relationship?

Do you have personal goals I can help you achieve?

Do you believe high school sweethearts can end up marrying each other?

How can you tell you’ve fallen in love with someone?

Can you tell if someone has fallen in love with you?

What kind of date do you always dream to have?

How has your perception of me changed since we met?


Good sexual questions to ask a girl

If you want to get laid on your first date, you should have chemistry with the girl you are dating. Also, be considerate about where you take your date. If all goes well with the place and the conversation, you can expect to get lucky tonight even without having to drink too many cocktails. Apparently, getting drunk is not the secret to getting in bed with your date—it’s actually chemistry. Alright, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Have you ever been caught by your parents or siblings while you were touching yourself?

Do you ever think of me when you pleasure yourself?

Have you ever snuck a guy into your room?

Have you been caught fooling around with a guy in your room?

Have you ever accidentally honked the horn while fooling around with a guy in the car?

Have you ever been frisked by security personnel?

Have you ever been hit on by someone who was too young or too old?

Have you ever kissed in the rain?

What was your first kiss like?

Do you like kissing in public?

Have you ever tried skinny dipping?

Did you ever want to try something that wasn’t for your age?

Have you ever lied about your age to get into a bar or cinema?

What is the best thing to do with your partner in the back seat of the car?

Where is the best place to snuggle?

We have chemistry, don’t you think it’s time to get physical?

Have you ever seen people having sex in public? Were you turned on?

How do you feel about having a one night stand?

Do you ever search for new sex positions online?

Would you comfortable with an “online search history” raid?

Do you like spanking and hair pulling?

Do you bite during sex?

If you’ve already had sexual relations with this girl, you can ask more questions without having to be too cautious. Try questions like these to get your girl in the mood for getting it on with you:

When did you realize you wanted to have me in bed?

What is the last sexy photo you took of yourself?

Do you like wearing sexy lingerie?

Would you show up in my doorstep wearing sexy lingerie under a robe?

Have you ever secretly watched another couple having sex?

How satisfied are you with our sex life?

What can you suggest so we can spice up our sex life?

Do you like the room temperature hot or cold during sex?

Would you like to role play with me during sex?

When do you prefer to take it slow and when do you enjoy getting frisky in bed?

What are your thoughts on being cuffed to the bed?

What props would you like to bring into the room?

What flavor of ice cream would you like to eat on me?

How skillful is your tongue?

Is comfort important to you when having sex or are you ok with trying uncomfortable positions?

How confident are you about having sex with the lights on or in broad daylight?

Dirty questions to ask a girl while texting

Whether you have a long distance relationship and miss your girl while you’re away or you want to arouse your partner so you can come over and get into bed with her, asking dirty questions over the phone is a great way to do it. If things get awkward, you can simply tell her it was a prank and divert the topic. Alright then, let’s start with this list of dirty questions you can ask a girl over text:

What is the dirtiest text you ever sent?

Does talking dirty over the phone turn you on?

How good are you at talking dirty?

Do you often cuss during sex?

Have you ever tried phone sex?

Do you have any underwear on?

Have you ever tried talking dirty to someone online who you barely knew?

If I was beside you right now, what would you do to me?

Can you send me nudes of you now?

Do you ever fantasize having sex in the wild?

Do you ever have sex without a condom?

Do you ever picture me naked?

What are the things you have on your nightstand right now?

Do you have dirty little secrets hidden somewhere in your room?

Who was the best guy you’ve ever had sex with?

Do you like guys who make noises during sex?

Do you like being blindfolded during sex?

Would you have sex if you knew another couple would be watching?

How long can you last without having sex?

Where is the weirdest place you had a quickie?

What outfit do you find me the hottest in?

What do you think about doing the deed in forbidden places?

If you knew you would be meeting up sometime in the day, you’d best get your girl ready for action. Texting her dirty messages will have her ready to devour you the moment she sees you. Ask her these questions to turn on her wild side:

What part of your body do you enjoy being touched the most?

Which part of your body do you like to be kissed the most?

Would you like us to have a code word for sex and sex positions?

Do you like having foreplay or is that a waste of time for you?

How far do you want my tongue to go when I go down on you?

Do you like it when I’m deep inside you?

Can I have full control of your hands for the first 5 minutes we see each other?

How do you want me to satisfy you tonight?

What is on your bucket list for sex?

How can I be of service to you tonight?

Would you fool around with me in the fitting room when I go shopping with you?

Do you like it when others can hear you screaming during sex?

Would you like to come tonight to see me naked on your couch?

How long will it take you to climb on top of me when I’m talking dirty next to you?

What is one thing I do that gets you instantly wet?

What do you do when you get aroused in public?


Flirty questions to ask a girl over text

If you can’t dare to be flirtatious in person, you might have more confidence when you’re sending flirty messages over the phone. If you’re feeling shy, it is also good to know that you can sound more confident when you send the message over the phone. So here are some flirty texts to send to your girl right now:

Do you work out often or can you eat anything and still look that hot?

Do you like to be serenaded?

Would you like me to sing your favorite songs to you?

Would you miss me when I’m gone?

Is it just me or do you feel the spark too?

I’m just wondering, what is it that makes you smile whenever we’re together?

Can you guess what I’m thinking right now?

Why do I feel like I’m getting lost in your eyes?

When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach?

Would you like a song or a poem written about you and every part of your body?

You can also try to ask how the girl feels about you. If she’s into you, she will answer these questions in a way that can turn you on too. So go ahead and challenge yourself to type these messages on your phone and press send:

Would you consider me cute or hot?

What do I do that turns you on?

When did you notice that I was noticing you?

Would you say our lips are perfect together?

What does a man have to do to impress you?

What does it take to be your ideal man?

What would we be doing if nobody was around us?

If I took you on a date to somewhere you’ve never been but always wanted to go, where would it be?

Can I be your genie tonight?

If I guessed the color of the underwear you’re wearing now, would I be right?

What would you say if I asked you out for dinner tonight?

Would you like to seek adventure together?

Do you think tonight is the night you will fall in love?

Would you let me hold your hand?

Would you turn away if I leaned in to kiss you?

Do you think about me when we’re not together?

Where would you like me to kiss you?

You may also want to find out if your girl is actually known for being flirtatious or if she takes flirtatious advances seriously. Here are some questions to ask about a girl’s personal flirty deeds:

Have you ever tried flirting with your best friend’s guy?

What was the most flirtatious text you sent and how did it turn out?

Are you crushing on a professor?

Have you ever flirted on someone who is popular?

Have you ever fantasized a guy you know you shouldn’t be fantasizing about?

Have you ever had sexual advances from someone older than you?

Do you like fooling around with men younger than you?

Do you think it’s ok for girls to make the first move?

Have you ever flirted with someone you just met online?

Have you ever invited someone in after your first date?

Would you invite me in tonight?

Relationship questions to ask a girl

If you treasure your relationship with your girl and want to nurture what you have, you have to give thought to having deeper conversations with her. Give her time to voice out her feelings and listen to her thoughts. There is something about a guy that is interested in learning about his lady that makes a girl feel special and perhaps even turned on. To show your girl you are genuinely interested in her, ask her these:

What is one thing you really want to change about me?

In what ways have I made you feel beautiful?

When was the last time you felt your best around me?

What is one thing you really wish would change about me?

What is one thing you really wish would never change about us?

What is one thing that I do that I’m unaware of is annoying for you?

Do you feel that we should be going out more or staying in more?

What are three material possessions that you value the most?

How do you handle conflict with the people you love?

Who can you not stand having a conflict with?

What movies do you enjoy watching with me?

What TV show or movie do you wish I’d watch with you?

You can also tread the path of the unknown and ask questions that can tell you where your relationship is headed. These questions will also help you determine what your girlfriend’s expectations are in the relationship. Here they are:

What is the perfect life like for you?

What do you think should be a woman’s role in the relationship? How about a man’s role in the relationship? Should these roles interchange when the couple lives together?

Do you ever imagine yourself as Mrs. (your last name)?

What is your dream wedding like?

Did you always want to have a wedding?

Are you attracted to men who like taking care of kids?

What characteristics of mine do you think will be great to pass on to the next generation?

Do you like doing everyday mundane things with me?

If you want to know more about a girl’s past, like her childhood and her dating history, you may ask questions related to her past. Be careful, though, because you may not like to hear some parts of her history. If you think her past will be a problem for you, it is best not to dig into her past. If you still want to continue, here are some questions that will reveal a girl’s past:

Were you a naughty or a goody-two-shoes kind of a child?

Did you ever give your parents problems when you were a teen?

Have you ever lied to your parents and felt really guilty about it?

Do you have a traumatic experience in the past that you want me to know about?

Why did your past relationships end?

What was your most regrettable heartache?

Have you ever broken up with a guy before?

Have you ever been in a relationship where there was a problem with a third party?

What do you usually do when you get-together with an ex-boyfriend?


Romantic questions to ask a girl

If you are the hopeless romantic type or would like to be one, here are some questions to guide you into that thinking. You can sound chivalrous and romantic with questions such as these:

How would you feel if I take a leave from work just to spend the day with you?

How did you feel after we first kissed?

What in our relationship makes you so happy?

When was the last time I made you feel like the most special person in my life?

What do you love about being in our relationship?

Do you often wish romantic scenes in books or on screen would happen to you in real life?

How do I make you feel cared for?

Where would you like to go on a romantic holiday with me?

Do I make you genuinely happy?

Is there a song that comes to mind when you think of me?

Can you tell me about the exact moment when you knew that you have fallen in love with me?

When did you realize that I’ve fallen madly in love with you?

Is there anything in your room that reminds you of me?

If you were to give a relationship advice, what would be your most important advice to give?

If you dare talk about the future with your girl, you can take the conversation up a notch with questions about your future together. If that is something you don’t mind talking about, here are some questions about what the future holds for you:

Where would you like me to take you on our honeymoon?

How can I make you happy for the rest of your life?

What is your dream home like?

What makes a house a home when you’re married?

What would it take for you to spend the rest of your life with me?

What is one thing you want me to change before getting married?

What is one thing you want to accomplish before getting married?

What romantic fantasies are you saving until after marriage?

Do you believe that we could be each other’s soulmate?

Do you ever wish we met each other sooner?

How do you want us to plan our wedding?

What do you think would your parents say if I asked them for your hand in marriage?

Would you rather be proposed to in private, in front of our families, or in public?

How do you imagine our married life will be like?

Questions about each other’s past relationships can be good for your present relationship too. You can learn a lesson or two from your partner’s failed relationship to preserve yours. If you are not careful, things can get awkward though so take caution when asking questions like these:

Would it hurt you if I told you about having feelings for an ex?

If you could mend your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, would you?

What is your belief about giving second chances?

How would a guy fail you?

Have you ever been in a live-in relationship?

What was the most romantic gesture a guy ever did for you?

What is a romantic gesture you’re still waiting to happen for you?

Questions to ask a girl to turn her on

Are you dating your ideal girl and wish you can turn her on and make you more attractive in her eyes. There are several questions that will bring about the sexual advances you desire in a way that won’t sound perverted. If you would like to turn on a girl, here are some questions to ask her:

What’s a weird thing that always turns you on?

What is a sure fire way to turn you on?

Which celebrity turns you on?

Do you get turned on by a guy singing or dancing?

Have you ever had an orgasm while you were asleep?

Would you rather your guy have biceps or abs?

Do you ever look down on a guy’s pants and wonder if he is hard?

How would you seduce a guy who is not that into you?

How would you make a guy feel relaxed when he is stressed out?

Would you like a full body massage tonight?

What scent turns you on?

What song makes you want to have sex?

Do you want songs playing in the background while you’re having sex?

Have you ever had sex while watching nude videos?

Have you ever pleasured yourself while having a video call with your partner?

Have you ever had a dream where you were touching yourself?

How often do you have dreams of having sex?

What is the oddest place you dreamed of having sex?

Do you get turned on when your hair is pulled while making out?

Which part of your body would you like me to focus on during foreplay?

What is the best thing my hands have ever done to your body?

What is the sexiest way to undress yourself?

Do you feel sexy wearing a man’s shirt on and nothing else underneath?

How do you feel me about biting and sucking your lips?

Do you like to make eye contact during sex?

Of course you can ask a girl about her sexual experiences. If she’s had a sexual experience before you, these questions will surely turn her on:

Do you prefer making love in the morning or just before you go to bed?

How would you like to be seduced?

Would you rather be dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

Have you ever broken anything while having sex?

What sexual fantasies have you had at work?

Where is the weirdest place you’ve pleasured yourself?

What is the weirdest thing that came across your mind while touching yourself?

What was your best orgasm like?

What do you like best about having a quickie?

What is the most sexually daring thing you would do with me?

Do you ever strip strangers naked in your thoughts?

Have you ever kissed a girl?

What do you often think of when you pleasure yourself?

What images do you look at to turn you on?

Do you close your eyes during sex?

What is the sexiest thing whispered to you while you were in public?

What is the most flattering thing someone said about your body?


Serious questions to ask a girl

On a serious note, this list is not all about sexual questions although it is predominantly in an attempt to get you guys laid tonight. If getting laid is not what is on your mind right now, you may be thinking of asking your girl serious questions that will let you gain insight into her philosophy and values in life. Try these questions on your next cuddle session or on nights when you stay up together just to talk:

Do you like trying new things?

When was the last time you compared yourself to another?

What is something you heard recently that makes a lot of sense?

What was something you said that surprised you?

What is one thing that excites you in this routine life?

What lesson in life did you have to learn the hard way?

What is one advice that you wish you had heeded?

What do you wish you spent more time doing in your teenage life?

What is one thing you could do today that you could not do when we were still not together?

Have you ever given your all to one guy?

What is one thing you believe in that not too many people believe?

Would you say crying makes you stronger or weaker?

Would you say you are living or existing?

Would you lie to cover up for a friend?

If someone close to you committed a crime, would you try to cover up for him/her?

Would you like for others to speak to you the way you talk to them?

What is one thing that if you do not do today you know you will regret not having done?

Are you still holding onto something you know deep down that you should let go?

What will matter most to you when you are old and gray?

How would you live life differently if you weren’t living like the way you’re living now?

There may also be some things you want to make clear in your relationship. Here are some questions that can lead you to the answers you’ve been trying to figure out:

Do you ever get inferior to any of my exes?

How do you feel when I talk to other girls?

When was the last time you got jealous?

When was the last time you cried because of me?

Is there something you feel I want you to change about yourself?

What is one thing you feel you have to give up to be with me?

Do you see yourself with me for the long run?

Would you say I am husband material?

When do you think would you be ready to settle down?

Have you been waiting for me to propose to you?

What is one thing you wish I would give to you as a present on your birthday?

What is one thing you’ve been waiting for me to do?

Would you be comfortable working on a business with me?

What is a passion project we can start together?

What hobby can you suggest we take up together?

What is one thing you feel we don’t spend time on as much as we should?

Perverted questions to ask a girl

Up next are questions that you shouldn’t be asking a girl you like if you don’t want to be kicked in the shin. If you are actually looking for ways to turn off a girl, then go ahead and ask these questions:

Would you ever have sex with your superiors so you can get promoted?

Why haven’t you been promoted when you’ve been working in that company for so long?

Have you ever had sex with a client to sign a huge deal?

Have you ever been paid for sex just to get by?

Do you have sex whenever and wherever you feel like it?

Have you lost count of all the men you’ve slept with?

How many men have you been with? (On a lighter note, you can ask: Have you ever been in a relationship?)

Have you ever slept with a woman?

Has anybody ever told you that you look like a guy?

Do you always look that bad?

Why do you laugh so weird?

Can I have your number so I call you whenever I feel like having sex?

Would you masturbate in public if I dared you?

Why do you feel less tighter now than you did the last time we had sex?

Do you ever have sex with other men while you are in a relationship?

Have you ever been anyone’s sugar baby?

Have you ever had any indecent proposals that you did not accept?

Do you think people call you a slut behind your back?

Do you know why guys don’t date you?

What is wrong with you and why do guys keep dumping you?

Alright, you get it. Those are the types of questions that will certainly get you in trouble. Only a girl who drinks love potion will still be attached to you after asking those types of questions. Now if you want to take a risk with a girl you like and ask her questions that are really on your mind but you think are too risky to ask (probably are) but then again you think it’s worth a try, then go ahead and ask these:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself in bed?

Do you ever fart during sex?

Do you ever burp during sex?

Do you have odor issues?

What would you say if I invited someone to join us in a threesome?

Have you ever thought about having sex with one of my friends?

Would you like me to post a sex video of us online?

Would it be ok with you if someone watched us tonight while we’re having sex?

What would you say if I told you that I’ve been secretly recording videos of us having sex?

What would you say if I told you that someone has been watching us when we have sex?

What would you say if I told you that I think about somebody else when we have sex?

Do you ever think of someone else while we are having sex?

Sweet questions to ask a girl

We are down to the last type of questions you can ask a girl and these are for someone you really adore. If you are trying to decode what your girl would like to have for Valentine’s, your anniversary, her birthday, or any special holiday, you can ask her questions that will give you an idea on what gifts to give her like:

Are you allergic to stuffed toys?

Who is your favorite cartoon character and do you have a stuffed animal of that?

What is the theme you have going on in your room?

Would you like to redecorate your room?

Is your room like a sweet escape or something that is stressing you out when you come home to it?

Is there anything you wish you had more time to focus on?

Is there a breed of cat or dog that you adore more than the others?

Do you like pets that are playful or one that is quiet and loves to cuddle?

Do you like handmade gifts?

What is a handmade gift that you think will truly be appreciated?

If you have unlimited pass to any museum or amusement park, what particular place would you choose?

What is one book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t bought because you haven’t found it in stores yet?

What concert would you really like to see even if it takes place in a different city?

What would be a perfect out-of-town trip over the weekend be for you?

What spa treatment have you been meaning to try?

What is one thing you’ve been meaning to replace?

One of the sweetest gestures that ladies appreciate is when their men allow them to talk on and on about things that are important to them. If you are the type of guy who won’t fall asleep while their girl talks to them about things that matter to them, you can ask your girl these questions:

What is one event in your life that you never get tired of telling over and over again?

What is your sweetest accomplishment to date?

What is a special food you ate as a child that you haven’t tried again for a long time?

What outfit always makes you feel beautiful?

What is the sweetest thing your friend’s partner did for her that you wish someone did for you too?

What movie has the sweetest ending and would you like us to watch it together?

What book are you reading right now that you want me to read so we can talk about it later?

Finally, keep in mind that you’re not just being sweet to get laid. If you really want to have a deeper connection with your partner, you will do your best to connect with her on a level that would not require having sex. Here are some non-sexual sweet questions to ask your girl:

Would you like us to watch that chick flick you like while we cuddle?

Would you like to be intimate without having sex?

Would you like me to massage you until you fall asleep?

Would you listen to my heart beating for you?

What is your parent’s theme song? (Bonus if you can serenade her with that song)

What kind of relationship do you aspire to have in this lifetime?

Final thoughts

To ask a girl questions is to ask for a piece of her mind. If you are genuinely interested in getting into the heart and soul of a girl, asking questions is the way to do it. All too often in a relationship, it is women who show more interest in their guy. They show they are interested in you and they expect you to do likewise.

When you ask these questions, think about asking them in a way that sounds like you are complimenting your girl. For instance, a question like “Why are you still single?” can sound both rude and flirtatious. It is all in the way you say it. Also, when you are asking questions related to sex, always be conscious about how a girl responds. If she does not respond to your advances, it’s either you’re advancing way too early or she’s just not interested in having a sexual relationship with you.

Equally important is showing interest in her response. You want to be actively listening to her responses so you can respond accordingly. Asking follow-up questions is essential to a great conversation. If the girl feels offended with your line of questioning, don’t be afraid to say sorry. Girls are often forgiving with men who are sensitive to their emotions. With that, we hope you’ll have an enjoyable conversation with her.