Picnic Date Ideas

Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with your date. There is something undeniably romantic about being outdoors and spending time together in a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Below are twenty creative picnic date ideas that you can try out to make the experience even more special.

1. Visit a botanic garden – pick a sunny day to admire the botanic gardens with your date.

2. Head to the beach picnic – find a secluded spot to enjoy a sunrise or sunset picnic.

3. Watch the stars – pack a few blankets and scour the night sky for constellations.

4. Stargaze and wine – combine your star-gazing with a romantic night and bring a bottle of wine.

5. Go to a rooftop – for the perfect intimate setting, try a rooftop picnic in your city.

6. Pack a theme – try a British afternoon tea, Italian ice-cream picnic or Asian-inspired feast.

7. Go fly a kite – get active and race each other with kites in a nearby field.

8. Sip champagne – toast to each other and the day with chilled champagne.

9. Take a boat trip – rent a boat out and find the perfect picnic spot in the middle of the lake.

10. Make your own sushi – try a Japanese picnic and make sushi together.

11. Have a picnic in the rain – wrap up in a raincoat and enjoy an outdoor date.

12. Visit a farmer’s market – head to a farmer’s market and buy fresh, seasonal food for a picnic spread.

13. Trail picnic – find a picturesque trail and snack your way through it.

14. Indoor picnic – if the weather is bad, move the picnic indoors.

15. Picnic and a movie – watch a movie or a musical in the park on a big screen.

16. Pack a basket lunch – bring some traditional ingredients and make sandwiches and wraps together.

17. Go outdoor camping – rough it and find a way to prepare your own meal over a campfire.

18. Blindfold game – set up a few surprises for your date as part of the picnic.

19. Make a picnic scavenger hunt – plan a hunt with things to do, find and eat.

20. Throw a picnic party – invite a few friends to join you and your date.