Newlywed Game Questions

Fun Newlywed Questions To Use In Any Game Scenario

Newlywed or friend of (soon-to-become) newlywed couple? Discover some fun game questions you can use to entertain friends and family when planning a party.  

You’re probably familiar with The Newlywed Game, a long-running American TV game show that pits newly married spouses against one another in an attempt to figure out who knows the other better, at times in a more…intimate way. Modeling the show, people starting using the TV game show format for their very own newlywed game question parties as an interesting activity helping guests find out more about the newly married couple.

Since we do not want you to get bogged down in choosing from the myriad of questions out there, we’ve decided to provide you with the ultimate newlywed game question guide. This comprehensive list is specially tailored for the best friends of the newly married couple as a helpful aid, but they can also be used by the couple if they’re feeling like flipping the script on their friends. Enjoy the read and get inspired below.

Dirty newlywed game questions to ask when feeling a little risqué

In order to get to know a newlywed couple better, it is advisable to start from the very start by asking questions related to the time when they first started dating. You can start with the ‘good girl/guy’ type of questions and slowly build up to the most intriguing ones after you remove all of the children and the parents out of the room. Without any further ado, there it goes:

–    Who made the first move?

–    When did you have your first kiss?

–    What is the first thing you noticed about each other?  

–    What day of the week was your second date on?  

–    How long did you date until sleeping together?

–    Have you performed anything other than intercourse during your very first few dates before the inevitable intercourse ended up happening?

Having stopped going on actual dates implies there is a new set of questions that can be asked about what it is like to be newly married. Some of these are:

–    What day of your marriage would you like to experience again?

–    If you had a day alone in which you could do whatever you wanted in your wildest dreams, what would you do?

–    What is the weirdest place in which you did the deed?  

–    What outfit – or lack thereof – do you like to put on to turn your spouse on? Describe why you like to wear it so much.

–    When was the silliest dirty talk session you’ve had with your spouse and what did you say?

–     Have you ever straight up lied to your spouse to avoid having to get intimate with them?


‘Who is more likely to’ is yet another game that can be incorporated into the newlywed question game. Make sure you ask the following questions in the most compassionate way possible in order to set a very ‘loving’ scene and not get anyone’s feelings hurt. Some examples within this comparison game section are:

–    Who is the better catch out of the two of you?

–    Who is more likely to reveal something very secret about the other for a million dollars?

–    Who is more likely to get emotional when listening to a song or watching a movie?

–    Who is more likely to quit their job and star in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel?  

–    Who is more likely to turn to their parents for sex advice?

Dirty newlywed questions can be just that, outright dirty. Step back in time, uncover your inner child and start asking questions as if you have not hit puberty yet. Here are some examples:

–    Who passes more gas?

–    Who would eat anything even if it fell on the ground?

–    Who is more likely to jump at the opportunity of drinking their own pee if they didn’t have a choice?   

–    What is the most disgusting thing your female/male body produces?

R rated newlywed game questions to ask in the company of very close friends

If you’re thinking of doing a child-free party and hence going a step further with your questions, we recommend going for the R rated ones. It will ensure a stream of laughter throughout the room and an all-around great time for the guests. A guaranteed success can be ensured by asking about people’s sex lives. The following questions are the perfect example:

–    Who is your dream third ‘cast member’ of a hypothetical threesome?   

–    What is your partner’s secret talent in bed?

–    What would you wish your partner would do more of in bed?

–    Does your partner enjoy foreplay?

–    Have you ever watched porn together and implemented something you’ve seen in your own sex life?

–    When going in for a hug, where do your attention and your…hands…would normally head to?

–    Have you ever used a blindfold or handcuffs in bed?

R rated questions should not be limited to what couples do in bed, but they can also refer to what they would like to do in bed. Questions about people’s wildest fantasies are generally harmless and can be a lot of fun.

–    If you had a free pass policy when involving a celebrity – in the sense that you were allowed to sleep with only one person if they were famous  – who would you choose?

–    What kind of role-playing would you want to do over and over again?  

–    What is your spouse’s favorite public place to have a quickie in?  

–    What is your wildest sexual fantasy?  

–    If I could only wear one thing for the rest of my life, what would you have me wear?

If you’re feeling a little mean, you can put the newlywed couple on the spot by asking these seemingly spontaneous questions:

–    What is the color of your spouse’s underwear that they are wearing at this very moment?  

–    How much cash is your spouse carrying with them right now?

–    What would be the one thing your spouse would save out of a raging fire?

–    If your spouse were a superhero, what would their superpower be?

–    Who eats the most fast food?

–    Who controls the remote control?

–    Let’s settle the age-old conundrum, does size matter or not?  

–    List all of the things you would have to hide from your parents if they decided to pop in for a visit.

Similar to the ‘what ifs’, the ‘have you ever’ or as made famous by Ellen DeGeneres show, ‘the never have I ever game’ should also be on your naughty question list. Below you can find some examples, but do not blush:

–    Have you ever had to cover up a hickey?

–    Have you ever slept with someone much older or younger than you?

–    Have you ever gone ‘commando’ for an entire day?

–    Have you ever done the walk of shame?

–    Have you ever not remembered your sleeping buddy’s name three sex encounters in?

–    Have you ever lost part of your bathing suit and had actual foreign eyes witness the event?

Not so newlywed game questions to ask when wanting to involve your long-term married couples

It is a well-known fact that there comes a point in the marriage when you tend to notice the worst more than the bad and way more than the good. If asking them right, the questions with a slightly negative connotation could be a lot of fun and, who knows, could even make the other realize that there are habits they should change. But the best case scenario? You could end up loving them more than anything despite their perceived flaws. So let’s start by being a little nasty…just a tiny bit…

–    Which of your spouse’s habits annoys you the most?

–    Which item of clothing from your spouse’s closet you wish would disappear?  

–    What is your least favorite meal that the other prepares? And if it’s all around bad, would you sign them up for cooking school?

Bear in mind that asking exclusively about the negative can prove counterproductive to the game. Hence, we also recommend making the not-so-newlywed couples fall in love with each other all over again by asking the following questions:

–    Which of you is more likely to apologize after a fight?

–    What is your all-time favorite gift from your spouse?

–    What do you see as the best quality in your spouse?  

–    What does your friendship look like and represent to you?

Non-newlywed couples have more life experience which can be shared with the newlyweds. This can be explored by asking the following questions:

–    What type of advice would you give to your best friend if they were to get married tomorrow?

–    What do you think is the biggest misconception about married life?

–    How do you negotiate with your spouse…and the world…the number of children you should have?

–    Would you say that an open marriage is a valid type of relationship?

Long-term couples should also have answers to questions that go way beyond the realm of the superficial. In this sense, a husband should recognize his wife’s deepest desires and fears and a wife should be able to identify her husband’s emotional triggers and spot his stand-out qualities that define him as a human being. You will want to hear the answers to these deep questions and maybe try to emulate some of the experiences long-term couples have in your own relationship.

–    What is your spouse’s biggest unacknowledged and biggest unfulfilled dream?

–    Does your spouse consider themselves a good parent, a good child and, ultimately, a good spouse?  

–    What is the thing that your spouse would like to be remembered by?

–    What is your spouse’s biggest vulnerability?

–    What would you like your spouse to know that you appreciate about them?  

If you’re blasting Katy Perry on your party playlist, you’re probably thinking about keeping it light when it comes to the overall vibe of your party. At the end of the day, if people are feeling particularly deep one day, alcohol should probably not be available on the tables if you do not want the party to turn into a sob fest. With that said, we present you with the ultimate silly questions list to which only your not-so-newlywed couple friends would know the answer to.

–    What would you say the percentage of the housework is done by each of you?

–    What is the color of your spouse’s favorite hat/hair accessory?

–    What is the ingredient your spouse swears by when on a diet cleanse?

–    What are your spouse’s bathroom habits in the morning?

–    What is the one thing your spouse had been able to do in the past and that has diminished with age?   

Newlywed game questions to ask when participating in a bridal shower

A bridal shower is a female-only event where women celebrate the soon-to-become bride and wife before the actual wedding takes place. It is a celebration of love and commitment in which the future bride is showered with gifts, but that does not mean that a little naughty and equally harmless fun cannot be added on the side (especially since the soon-to-become husband is momentarily out of sight and out of mind)

First of all, since you’re at a bridal shower, the most obvious set of questions should focus on the wedding itself and the steps that lead up to the wedding.

–    Who proposed?

–    Who said ‘I love you’ first?

–    How did the parents react when the bride told them that she was getting married?

–    How many wedding dresses did the bride try on before finding ‘the one’?

If you’re inviting close friends, another set of questions should be focusing on more trivia-like questions about how well the people invited know the bride.

–    What was your bride’s first pet?

–    Did the bride have a nickname during her childhood and, if so, what was it?

–    What is the bride’s favorite food?

–    As a little girl, what did the bride wanted to do when she grew up?

While these are questions you can ask at a bridal shower where the presence of the groom is not always granted, you should still include the groom in the conversation by asking:

–    Where did the bride and the groom first meet?

–    What pet name does the groom use when referring to the bride?

–    In a parallel universe where the husband is single, how long do you think he would last being single? One minute? One day? One month?

In the age of technology, not asking about social media and the latest apps on your partner’s phone is completely unacceptable. Therefore, we would recommend you not skipping the following questions:

–    What is your partner’s favorite social media platform?

–    How many friends does your partner have on Facebook?

–    What is your partner’s favorite app?  

–    What is your spouse’s most used emoji and GIF?

Game questions newlyweds can ask their friends

Do you think the best friend knows everything about the newly married couple? Since the best friend is the one who will most likely organize all of the surprise parties, it’s important to have some questions tailor-made especially for the best friend. Newlyweds, get ready to ask the following:

–    In the event the FBI needs to see your search history, would you steal evidence from the police file to delete my Internet history?

–    What do I actually do for a living and what is the name of my organization/institution?

–    What store has got the biggest charge on my credit card?   

–    What is the biggest lie each and every one of you has ever told me?

–    What is my dream reality show to guest star in?

Digging a little deeper, we can uncover questions that prove to everyone just how well the friend knows the newlywed couple and each individual spouse. If your best friend does not know this, then it’s high time you caught up on all of the must-have bonding moments by asking this:

–    How many days did I cry after breaking up with my high-school boyfriend/girlfriend?

–    What is my biggest fear?

–    What is my biggest regret?

–    What is the mantra that I use to guide my entire life?

After testing your besties on their knowledge of you and determining just how far they would go to cover up your most coveted secrets, it’s time to get embarrassed. Here’s a novel idea! Put yourself in the hot seat by asking your friends to reveal your most mortifying moments. This proves you have both a strong character and are more than ready to poke fun at yourself.

–    What is the most embarrassing health problem I’ve ever had?

–    What is one epic drunken story that nobody should ever hear in their lives?

–    What would I say it’s my most weird quirk?

–    How many days/weeks/months can I go without pleasing myself?   

–    What is something I am secretly in love with but would not reveal it for the world?

–    What is the most embarrassing thing my parents have ever caught me do?

–    What would you say it’s my biggest fashion faux-pas?

Newlywed game questions to ask at a bachelorette party

All is fair in love and at a bachelorette party. Let your imagination roam around the plains of embarrassment and curiosity and feel free to ask away your newly married friend everything you need to know about everything. Let’s start with a little bit of gossiping about the soon-to-be hubbie.

–    If you didn’t date x, who would you say is the second best choice?  

–    Do you see your future husband ever going skinny dipping?

–    What do you think he should do more of in terms of tongue action?

–    How often do you stalk your soon-to-become husband’s exes?

–    What is your fiance’s condom size?

Now, an equally important section in the questions list that can prove to be a surefire way to breathe life into a party is the section on fantasies. Don’t worry, no one is here to judge and what happens at a bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party.

–    Have you ever thought about someone else while getting intimate with your fiance?

–    How often do you finish yourself off after sleeping with your fiance?

–    Does the thought of never sleeping with someone else besides your husband scare you?

–    Have you ever talked about your fiance in a negative way behind his back?

–    Have you ever considered breaking up until this point in your relationship?  

–    Do you like your future spouse’s last name?

–    Do you like your future in-laws?   

Just a reminder, that there is no soon-to-be husband in sight. This is a noteworthy point, as this might be the last night when the future bride can do and say whatever she feels like it without any strings or judgement attached to it. Therefore, we suggest you dare the fiancé to do the following:

–    Kiss the person on your right.

–    Do shots with the people sitting at the table on your left.

–    Grab someone’s butt.

–    Take off your shirt.

–    Perform a lap dance on someone you do not know.   

–    Fake an orgasm right here and right now.  

–    Flash everyone at the table for three seconds.

If you didn’t catch on by now, the previous question series represented one half of the Truth or Dare game. While the Dare questions are the ones taken on bravely by the fearless and slightly inebriated ones, the Truth questions can prove just as fun and can act as a breather in the long stream of crazy performances. Below, we show you how to get some Truths out of your best girl friend:

–    State ten body parts that you would like your fiancé to smooch all over.  

–    Tell us about one of your most intense sex dreams.

–    How old were you when you experienced your first major orgasm?

–    What is your preferred view when having sex? Front or back? Or maybe sideways?

–    Have you ever had sex on the first date?

–    Have you ever got turned on by a person of the same gender as you?

Then, there are just the flat-out silly questions that are totally fair game in the setting of a bachelorette party. Don’t hold back when asking the following:

–    If you could become a man for 30 minutes, what would be the first thing you would do?  

–    What is your favourite body part from which you can eat food of?

–    If you were to become president tomorrow, what would be the first executive decision that you would make?

–    Out of all the illegal things we have in the world, what would you say should be made legal?

–    Do you like to watch people change out of their clothes at the gym?

Newlywed game questions focusing on their friends

When someone gets married, they inherit their spouse’s friends as well. Here is a list of questions that you can ask the newlyweds about each other’s best friends.  

–    What is the weirdest story your spouse’s friends have told you about him?

–    Who is your spouse’s best opposite sex friend?

–    What friend of your spouse do you think it’s the best looking?   

–    Who of your spouse’s friends likes you better than they like your spouse?

A whole other era ago, your spouse and their friends were a tight-knit crew. And has teachers, professors, subs. And probably had a few crazy ‘one times’ in their ‘academic’ lives. Here are some questions that can help you uncover what life in your spouse’s teens was really like:

–    Has your spouse ever had the hots for their teacher?

–    Has your spouse ever dated multiple people at the same time?

–    Has your spouse ever cheated on an exam?

–    Was your spouse present more in school or in the nearby bar?

–    Did your spouse ever have a fake ID?   

–    What is the craziest story your spouse has ever told their friends about their one-night-stand at a college party?

Getting into the hypotheticals is the thing to do if you want to tease out scenarios and let your imagination run wild with the myriad of ‘what ifs’. You can do this by asking:

–    What would you do if your spouse’s best friend made a move?

–    Who would you prefer to get stuck on a deserted island with out of your spouse’s best friends?

–    Do you think your spouse’s friends keep secrets away from you related to your spouse?

–    Who of your coupled best friends you think is going to make the best good-looking children?

–    Who would you associate with in a business venture?

Since the wedding itself is a monumental event, it is only fair to be asking about the unravelling of it all and the immediate aftermath of the event. Some indicative examples can be constituted by:

–    What is the wedding gift your spouse hated the most?     

–    Which of your single friends caught the bouquet?

–    Who of your single friends got it on at your wedding?

–    Who of the maids-of-honor was the absolute most demanding one?


Final thoughts

If you’re up for spicing up any party where newlywed couples and even long-term spouses are present, these questions can help you get the job done. These kinds of cheeky inquiries into a couples’ life can not only help you understand better the reason why they have not gone out of their house for an entire weekend but can also help the newlyweds get to know each other better and bring a smile on their faces.

You would think that in the age of technology and social media, everything there is to know about your significant other is ready for you on these platforms, but thankfully that is not the case. The true test that determines just how well you know the person sleeping next to you is performed by asking these questions which encompass everything from the old-fashioned, childhood stories to the juicy questions with a modern age twist.  

Entertain away and you, as an organizer, will win the Best Friend of the Year award. You, as a newlywed or soon-to-become newlywed, will benefit from the best form of laughter therapy out there without having to think one second about what your boss would say.