Multiple Choice Icebreaker Questions For Work

Welcome everyone! Let’s break the ice and get to know each other better by answering the following questions.

1. Who would win a race between a cheetah, a giraffe, and a rabbit?
a. Cheetah
b. Giraffe
c. Rabbit
d. Tie

2. What’s the best way to spend a summer day?
a. At the beach
b. Watching a movie
c. Hanging out with friends
d. Exploring a new city

3. What’s the best way to conquer your fear?
a. Get professional help
b. Fake it til you make it
c. Face it head-on
d. Ignore it

4. What type of TV show do you never miss?
a. Reality shows
b. Sitcoms
c. Action/Adventure
d. Documentaries

5. Where would you go for the ultimate recreational activity?
a. The amusement park
b. The mountains
c. The lake
d. The spa

6. What type of vacation do you prefer?
a. Tropical
b. Outdoor
c. Urban
d. Cultural

7. What type of book do you like most?
a. Non-fiction
b. Fantasy
c. Fiction
d. Biography

8. What would you buy if you had a million dollars?
a. A new home
b. A luxury car
c. An exotic vacation
d. Donate to charity

9. Which country would you like to visit?
a. United States
b. France
c. Japan
d. Australia

10. What’s your favorite type of cuisine?
a. Italian
b. Mexican
c. Chinese
d. Thai