Mommy Daughter Date Ideas

Introducing mommy-daughter dates is a great way to create and reinforce the bond between a mother and daughter while both having fun! Here are twenty ideas of fun dates to inspire any mother and daughter.

1. Visit a local farmers market and pick out fresh produce together.
2. Take a pottery class and create something together.
3. Bake a cake or some delicious cookies.
4. Spend the day shopping and get styled with matching outfits.
5. Have a spa day and get mani-pedis together.
6. Attend a cooking class or cooking show together.
7. Spend the day exploring a nearby city.
8. Have a picnic in the park.
9. Catch a movie showing at an outdoor theater.
10. Take a dance class together.
11. Go to a local animal shelter and adopt a pet together.
12. Spend the day at an amusement park.
13. Go to an aquarium or zoo.
14. Throw a party and invite some friends.
15. Go kayaking or boating on a nearby lake.
16. Enjoy a bike ride together.
17. Go on a scenic drive and explore some nature.
18. Play a game of mini golf together.
19. Make a scrapbook of memories together.
20. Have a karaoke night with friends and family.