Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Long-distance relationships can be quite challenging and can strain even the strongest of relationships. To help strengthen and maintain your connection, here are some creative long-distance relationship date ideas:

1. Play a game together online: Dedicate some time to a classic board/video game like Monopoly or Mario Kart to have some friendly (or competitive) fun.

2. Watch the same movie: Pick a movie you both would like and watch it simultaneously wherever you are located. Then, call each other to talk about the movie afterwards.

3. Create a care package together: Each of you fill a box with your favorite treats, memories and items that represent what you love about each other and then send them to one another or meet somewhere and hand the packages over in person.

4. Cook and enjoy a meal: Decide on a special meal each of you will cook for the night. Once each meal is ready, you can set up a video conversation and enjoy your date together.

5. Make a list of favorite books and share reading notes: Each of you make a list of your favorite books, send them to each other and create a reading exchange centered around these books.

6. Write a shared bucket list and pick two activities to complete: Brainstorm together on what to add to your shared bucket list and decide on two activities you would like to do together in the near future.

7. Make a “time capsule”: Collect items that represent the present moment—photos, art, a piece of clothing, a small item, etc.— that you can assemble in a box or a small container, with a letter or a short note for each other.

8. Create a question jar: You can each gather questions, write them down on slips of paper and then put them in a jar. Whenever you feel like talking, you can pick a slip each and answer it for each other.

9. Play a “get to know each other better” game: Pick a game or have an ongoing conversation that aims to explore each other’s hobbies, interests and passions.

10. Set up a virtual tasting session: Pick a special drink or food you can enjoy together, but from a distance. Swap notes of how the experience is in comparison to your current location.

11. Try karaoke together: Create a karaoke night by sharing songs your enjoying right now.

12. Make a music playlist: Choose a theme and create the ultimate romantic playlist.

13. Take an online class: Follow through a class together, like a language course or a cooking program.

14. Visit a virtual museum together: Pick a museum you’d love to visit together and take a virtual tour.

15. Do yoga together: Schedule a time to connect online and practice yoga together.

16. Set up a virtual happy hour: Have a virtual happy hour with a special cocktail for each of you.

17. Have a picnic in the park: Find a spot by a park in each of your cities and have a picnic.

18. Take a ride together: Hop on your bikes and ride together wherever you are.

19. Plan a virtual scavenger hunt: Come up with a list of items you can find around your neighborhood and do a friendly competition to see who can find the most items.

20. Compose a song together: Write a song together that reflects your feelings for one another.