Long Distance Date Ideas

With most activities and opportunities to go out socially restricted by the pandemic, couples in long-distance relationships are finding unique and creative ways to keep their love alive. Here are 20 creative long distance date ideas to help you stay connected to your long-distance partner and make the distance feel just a bit closer:

1. FaceTime/Skype wine night – Pick out the same bottle or type of wine and drink it together over your electronic devices.

2. Organize a photo scavenger hunt – You can create a list of items for each of you to find, take a photo of and send.

3. Virtual cooking class – Find a recipe or two you both want to whip up, login and join a cooking class, or each make the same meal with your partner virtually there, cheering you on.

4. Host a themed game night – Get creative and host a game night with a theme — dress up, pick different categories, and give out prizes.

5. Watch the same movie together, but in different cities – Rent the same movie and start at the same time. You can chat during commercial breaks.

6. Have a long-distance spa day – Take turns sending each other facemasks, bath bombs and nail sets for the ultimate spa-cation.

7. Send snail mail – Take a trip to the store and find a postcard from wherever you’re visiting (or from your hometown). Send those cards throughout the year.

8. Have a “restaurant” night – Whoever is in one city orders takeout from a restaurant and the other orders delivery. Talk and share food over video chat.

9. Plan a romantic scavenger hunt – Send your special someone pieces of a virtual scavenger hunt, leading to something like a candle lit video conference with a surprise activity.

10. Give each other virtual makeovers – Pull out the makeup, fun costumes and a face mask, and pick out clothing and get creative.

11. Write each other love letters and poems – Even if writing isn’t your strong suit, the thought and effort that goes into writing really isn’t lost when it comes to long-distance relationships.

12. Plan a virtual date night – A date night can happen without ever leaving the house. Try a virtual picnic, plan for some Netflix (with popcorn) or get a subscription to a virtual museum tour.

13. Make your own music playlist – Make a custom playlist featuring songs that you both love and share it with each other.

14. Play duets – Play duets of your favorite songs either in person or by connecting over your electronic devices.

15. Live-stream a concert – Live-stream a concert together so you can both share in the excitement of experiencing some of your favorite music together.

16. Attend a local online festival – Many festivals are going online, so this could be the perfect way to enjoy a festival experience in different locations.

17. Curate an online photo album – Create an online album of pictures, memories and special moments that represent your relationship.

18. Design virtual souvenirs – Get creative and turn everything into a special souvenir — whether it’s a video montage, collage or something else entirely.

19. Play a virtual game – Use a game like escape room or werewolf to recreate the feeling of playing a game in the same room.

20. Take yoga classes together – Research local yoga classes and take them together from the comfort of your respective homes!