Late Night Date Ideas Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to many diverse and creative activities and provides an abundance of late night date ideas. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a fun night out, here are 20 creative late night date ideas in Los Angeles to help get you started:

1. Take a romantic walk along the beach at night.
2. Drive up to the Griffith Observatory for the night time view.
3. See the Hollywood Sign from a different angle by taking a nighttime hike.
4. Enjoy a night time storytelling show.
5. Attend a midnight comedy club in Los Angeles.
6. Participate in a dance class after dark.
7. Have dinner at an intimate rooftop restaurant.
8. Catch some of the best views in the city from the Observatory decks.
9. Catch a midnight movie at a theater.
10. Drive to the city lights of Hollywood Boulevard at night.
11. Visit Santa Monica Pier after dark.
12. Play mini-golf at night.
13. Take a drive down the Pacific Coast highway to see the city lights.
14. Enjoy a drive-in movie night.
15. Catch a live music show.
16. Enjoy a romantic dinner cruise in the harbor.
17. Tour the Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice at night.
18. Play a game of bowling at night.
19. Enjoy a picnic and stargazing in the Hollywood Hills.
20. Go for a late night ice cream run.