Joe Abercrombie Books In Order

Joe Abercrombie is a British fantasy author who has written several books in the fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction genres. He is best known for his First Law Trilogy, which consists of The Blade Itself (2006), Before They Are Hanged (2007), and Last Argument of Kings (2008).

1. The Blade Itself (2006): In this first book of the First Law Trilogy, readers are introduced to a world of violence, intrigue, and magic. The story follows a band of unlikely heroes as they battle their way through a twisted world of political machinations, dark magic, and betrayal.

2. Before They Are Hanged (2007): This second installment of the First Law Trilogy continues the story of the unlikely heroes, who must battle their way through a world of political and magical turmoil. With the outcome of their quest resting in the balance, the heroes must face the consequences of their choices.

3. Last Argument of Kings (2008): In this thrilling conclusion to the First Law Trilogy, the unlikely heroes must make their last stand against the forces of darkness. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, they must fight to the death in a desperate attempt to save the world from disaster.

4. Best Served Cold (2009): This stand-alone novel takes readers on a journey of revenge and redemption as a group of mercenaries set off on a mission to bring justice to those who have wronged them. This gritty tale of betrayal, revenge, and loyalty will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

5. The Heroes (2011): This stand-alone novel is set on the battlefields of The North, where a group of unlikely heroes must fight for their lives against a mysterious force of evil. This story of courage and loyalty will keep readers captivated until the very end.

6. Red Country (2012): This stand-alone novel follows the story of Shy South, a young girl in search of her kidnapped brother. With the help of an unlikely band of misfits, Shy must brave the dangers of The Far Country as she fights to save her brother and reclaim her life.

7. Half a King (2014): This stand-alone novel follows the story of Prince Yarvi, a disabled prince who must find the strength within himself to reclaim his kingdom. With the help of a loyal band of misfits, Yarvi must battle his way to the throne and prove himself a worthy king.

8. Half the World (2015): This stand-alone novel continues the story of Prince Yarvi as he embarks on a quest to save his kingdom from an ancient enemy. With courage, loyalty, and a little bit of luck, Yarvi will prove himself a hero and set his kingdom on the path to peace.

9. Half a War (2016): In this thrilling conclusion to the Shattered Sea Trilogy, Prince Yarvi must face his greatest challenge yet: the war that threatens to tear his kingdom apart. With courage and determination, Yarvi will fight to the death and prove himself a true hero.