Interesting Conversation Starters

1. Ask him about his favorite hobby and why he enjoys it: This is a great way to get to know someone as it can reveal interesting facts about his interests and lifestyle.

2. Find out what he did over the weekend: Everyone loves to hear about cool and exciting events that happened over the weekend, so this is a great conversation starter.

3. Ask about his favorite sports teams: Sports are an easy topic that is guaranteed to get a conversation flowing.

4. Inquire about his current TV shows: A lot of people watch a lot of TV shows and that makes for a great conversation topic.

5. Bring up an article he recently posted on social media: Another great conversation starter is to bring up something he posted on social media, so it shows that you are paying attention to his content.

6. Ask about the last book he read: People are more than likely happy to discuss the latest book they’ve read.

7. Discuss the latest news: Depending on which news articles have caught his eye, this could make for an interesting conversation topic.

8. Find out his current favorite song: Music is always an entertaining topic.

9. Talk about an interesting experience he had recently: Talking about experiences allows him to open up and share something unique with you.

10. Ask him what motivates him: This is an insightful inquiry that can help you learn more about someone.

11. Discuss his favorite movie and why he likes it: Movies are a great form of entertainment.

12. Ask him about something funny that happened to him: This is a great conversation starter because it’s sure to make someone smile.

13. Talk about his career and what his future plans are: Everyone has hopes and goals for their careers, so discussing this further can be a great conversation starter.

14. Bring up any interesting travel destinations he’s been to: Traveling is a great way to experience different cultures and learn more about the world.

15. Inquire about some of his favorite restaurants: Food is always a great topic of conversation and provides a great opportunity to discuss cultural differences.

16. Find out what his favorite type of cuisine is: This is another great way to learn more about what interests the person and what type of food they prefer.

17. Ask him about something he considers a hobby but doesn’t necessarily feel like it: Everyone has hobbies, even if they don’t feel like it. Asking about them can be a great way to learn more about a person.

18. Ask what his current goals are and how he plans to achieve them: Asking about someone’s goals and aspirations can provide insight into what they value in life.

19. Discuss the world of technology and how it’s changing: Technology is rapidly evolving and it’s an interesting topic to discuss with anyone.

20. Talk about the most meaningful thing that has happened in his life: This query is great for getting to know more about a person.