Intellectual Conversation Starters

Introductory Paragraph: Starting a conversation can be difficult no matter who you’re talking to. But when you need to start a more intellectual conversation, having the perfect conversation starter makes all the difference. Here is a list of 20 conversation starters that will get an intellectual conversation going.

1) What are the most important social issues that need to be addressed? – This conversation starter will begin a discussion about current events, political issues, and more.

2) What would you do if money wasn’t a factor? – This conversation starter will generate ideas of what kind of activities people would do giving a new perspective on hobbies and interests.

3) What are your thoughts on the rapid advancement of technology? – This one will result in a discussion on the pros and cons of technology and how it impacts our lives.

4) How has your perspective changed since your childhood? – This conversation starter encourages people to think about how they have evolved and matured over the years.

5) What inventions have had the biggest impact on society? – This one calls for people to think critically and brainstorm the inventions that have truly made a difference.

6) What are the most important skills we should focus on teaching our children? – This conversation starter speaks to how we can help the developing generation excel and create a better world.

7) What are the ethical implications of artificial intelligence? – Generate a stimulating debate about moral issues that come with the purchase of technology.

8) How do we combat the effects of climate change? – Discuss the best methods from both a governmental and individual perspective.

9) What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned recently? – People will share fun facts that add to the conversation.

10) How has the internet changed the way we communicate? – This conversation starter encourages people to think of the positive and negative aspects of the internet and how it has shaped our lives.

11) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? – Have some fun and describe the different powers people would gravitate towards and why.

12) What is the most creative way you’ve ever seen someone solve a problem? – This one will inspire people to think and come up with innovative solutions.

13) What would the world look like if we eliminated political boundaries? – This conversation starter begs the discussion of how we would interact with each other without geographic or geopolitical limitations.

14) What do you think is the world’s biggest misconception? – People will bring up different beliefs and provide reasons for why they think it’s not true.

15) What is the best way to ignite change in someone’s life? – Enlightening conversation that delves into how best to encourage others to make meaningful changes.

16) How has technology changed the way we work? – Explore the past and the future of technology and how it has shaped the workplace and the job market.

17) If you could be a character in a book, who would you choose? – Have fun talking about what qualities we would each look for in the characters we choose to identify with.

18) Why do you believe in the causes you support? – This is a great doorway to explore more in-depth conversations and discuss the motivations behind why people believe in certain organizations.

19) What is your dream job and why? – People can share their ideas of the perfect job that speak to their career aspirations.

20) How do you predict the current path of human advancement? – Move the conversation forward with this conversation starter and see how people come up with ideas on where our species is headed.