Indoor Romantic Date Night Ideas At Home For Him

Romantic date nights at home can be just as special as a night out on the town. With a little bit of creativity, you can have an intimate evening with your significant other without ever having to leave the house. Here are 20 creative indoor romantic date night ideas for him.

1. Create a customized beer flight with a selection of unique beers.
2. Have a fondue and wine night.
3. Make dinner together and then watch a movie afterwards.
4. Play a board game together while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies.
5. Set up a cozy living room tent with blankets and pillows.
6. Bake and decorate cookies together.
7. Set up a mini golf course in your living room.
8. Splurge and order what you’d like your favorite restaurant.
9. Have a mini spa night with candles, massages, and face masks,
10. Make customized pizzas, sandwiches, or tacos with all the fixings.
11. Recreate your first date with the same food, music, and conversation starters.
12. Explore a craft beer tasting kit.
13. Break out the karaoke machine and take turns belting out your favorite tunes.
14. Play a game of Truth or Dare.
15. Paint each other’s portraits, then trade.
16. Create an at-home pub crawl featuring beverages you both like, plus snacks and trivia.
17. Prepare a romantic meal and enjoy it by candlelight.
18. Have a wine tasting with cheese, apples, crackers, and friendship.
19. Create a night of romantic poetry and music, or try out a new poetry app.
20. Participate in a virtual escape room—you’ll get to see each other in action as you try to solve a series of clues.