Indoor Date Ideas Near Me

Need ideas for an indoor date night near you? Here’s a list of 20 creative indoor date ideas to keep the spark alive.

1. Have a movie marathon – Pick three of your favorite movies and settle in for a movie marathon!

2. Take a cooking class together – See what classes are being offered in your area and get cooking!

3. Carve pumpkins – Pick up a couple carving kits and see who can make the most creative Jack-o-lantern.

4. Play board games – Pick up your favorite board game, challenge each other and have some friendly competition.

5. Have a fondue night – Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, prepare a variety of dipping options and get ready to dip away!

6. Sip some wine – Buy a couple bottles of wine and taste test each one.

7. Play a game of pool – Find a bar that has a pool table and show off your skills.

8. Play laser tag – Step inside a dark arena and prepare to battle it out!

9. Design a terrarium – Get creative and design your own terrarium.

10. Have a spa day – Relax and enjoy a spa day with your significant other.

11. Go bowling – Hit the bowling alley and bowl a few frames.

12. Tackle an escape room – Put your minds together and work to escape the room.

13. Build a puzzle – Challenge each other to get it done in a certain amount of time.

14. Take a dance class – From salsa to the jive, take a class together and learn some new moves.

15. Indoor rock climbing – Climb the walls and barriers with an indoor rock climbing adventure.

16. Ice skate – Lace up your skates and take a few spins around the rink.

17. Video game tournament – Challenge each other to a few of your favorite video games.

18. Indoor mini golf – Love golf? Play a game indoors and perfect your putting skills.

19. Take a painting class – Let your inner Picasso out and unleash that creative side.

20. Tea time – Get cozy and have an afternoon filled with tea and conversation.