In Home Date Night Ideas

Introducing 20 creative In Home Date Night Ideas – perfect for when you need to get creative when spending an evening with your significant other!

1. Create a spa night – dim the lights and light some candles, mix up some decadent face masks, and enjoy some side by side massages.

2. Prepare a delicious meal together – try a new recipe or challenge yourselves to make a delicious three-course meal.

3. Set up a game night – choose a classic board game or card game and play against each other.

4. Have a movie night – choose a classic movie and cozy up on the couch with snacks and blankets.

5. Cook a foreign cuisine – search online for a foreign cuisine and try to prepare it together as authentically as possible.

6. Take a dance class – pull up an online dance tutorial and follow along together.

7. Set up a mini golf course – Create a mini golf course in your own home out of boxes, books, and other household items – whoever gets the best score wins a prize.

8. Have a picnic – create a romantic picnic setting indoors, complete with wine and cheese.

9. Recreate an outdoor activity indoors – Think camping but from the comfort of your own home. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores as you share stories about your relationship.

10. Take a virtual tour – pick a place and explore it using your computer.

11. Have a wine and painting night – choose a painting and find the materials online, then try your best to recreate the piece together.

12. Play a game of virtual Truth or Dare – write down a series of questions in advance and take turns taking on the challenge.

13. Host a karaoke night – get a karaoke machine or search up popular karaoke versions online and take turns singing your favorite songs.

14. Plan a scavenger hunt – hide a variety of clues or objects around the house, then take turns searching for them.

15. Bake a cake together – pick a delicious cake recipe and mix it up from scratch. Then, of course, share a piece with each other.

16. Take a yoga class – search for a free yoga class online and practice the poses together.

17. Set up a romantic dinner – dim the lights, set the table with a candle, and dress up for the occasion.

18. Read a book together – take turns reading to each other from a book you both love.

19. Have a fondue night – melt your favorite cheeses and dip pieces of carrots, apples, celery, and more.

20. Create your dream home online – take turns decorating a virtual room using a home design website.