Ideas For Virtual Date Nights

With the rise in remote work and distance learning, couples of all ages are taking advantage of the convenience of virtual dates. With the right setup, virtual dates can be just as creative, fun, and intimate as going out on the town. Here are 20 creative ideas for virtual date nights that you and your partner can try from the comfort and privacy of your own space:

1. Have a Retro Video Game Night. Play a game you both used to play back in the day.
2. Play virtual games like Cards Against Humanity or Jackbox Games.
3. Take an online cooking class together.
4. Cook the same meal and eat together over video chat.
5. Connect using Zoom and share a glass of wine.
6. Make an online video room with shared video streams from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.
7. Challenge each other to intellectual trivia or board games.
8. Shop online together to pick out each other’s presents.
9. Give each other virtual tours of your respective hometowns through YouTube videos.
10. Have a Zoom karaoke or dance party.
11. Create a scavenger hunt around your house.
12. Take a virtual fitness class together.
13. Have an online Couple’s Journaling Night.
14. Research and write a joint article together.
15. Have a virtual book club or watch a fun movie and discuss it afterwards.
16. Do a virtual yoga class together.
17. Play popular game apps like Words With Friends, Draw Something, and Ruzzle.
18. Have a virtual art class.
19. Have a virtual campfire talking about your favorite shared memories.
20. Create a shared Google Document with facts and stories from your childhoods.