Ideas For Indoor Dates

Having fun indoors with your special someone is just as rewarding as an outdoor adventure. Here are some creative ideas for indoor dates that will keep the spark in your relationship alive.

1. Make an indoor picnic. Set up a cozy blanket, pillows and snacks and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Have a cooking night. It can be anything from a special dinner to making homemade pizzas.

3. Host a board game night. Set up a few games with snacks or pick some classic games you both love like Monopoly or Scrabble.

4. Plan a movie night. Pick a movie, make some popcorn and maybe even some movie snacks for extra fun.

5. Set up a spa night. Draw a bath together and enjoy some scented candles and relaxing music.

6. Play video games on the couch together. Try playing some of your old favorites or even a new game that you can experience together.

7. Act out a play or skit. Using the furniture and items in your home, write an original play and have fun imagining a new story together.

8. Visit an indoor mini golf course. Mini golf is a hilarious and fun way to spend a date night.

9. Enjoy a themed dinner. Pick a theme like Mexican or French cuisine and create a special menu.

10. Put on a karaoke competition. Compete against one another and see who can put on the best performance.

11. Bake something sweet together. There’s nothing like a sugary treat to bring some sweetness into your relationship.

12. Make a photo album. Get creative and compile all of your favorite photos together and make a special album that captures all of your special memories.

13. Take a painting class. Work together to create a beautiful painting that symbolizes your relationship.

14. Put together a puzzle. Compete and see who can complete a puzzle the fastest!

15. Play charades. Take turns guessing each other’s characters or words and add in words like “Loudly” or “Sexily” to spice it up.

16. Make a fort. Make two separate forts or one big one and pop movie theatre popcorn and enjoy your own private movie theatre.

17. Have an indoor picnic. Get creative at making the indoor space more fun, use blankets and pillows, light some candles and play music.

18. Have a wine and cheese tasting night. Pick out the best selection of cheeses and wines that you can find.

19. Have a book club night. Pick out a book together, read, and discuss the characters, plot, and setting.

20. Design your dream house. Get some poster boards and sketch out your future dream home.