Icebreaker Questions For Substance Abuse Groups

Introduction: Icebreaker questions are a great way to get the conversation started in substance abuse group settings. Here are 20 creative questions to help everyone feel comfortable introducing themselves and work towards their individual healing journeys.

1. What aspects of your recovery journey have you found to be the most meaningful?
2. Share a piece of advice with the group that you’ve gained through your recovery journey?
3. What do you like to do in your free time?
4. What sparks joy in your life?
5. Who has been the biggest support system in your recovery journey?
6. What would you like to gain out of substance abuse group this month?
7. What struggles have you faced since the start of your recovery journey?
8. What hobbies have you taken up on since the start of your recovery?
9. What aspects of your personality have stayed the same since your recovery journey?
10. What inspired you to take the first steps of your recovery journey?
11. How has your relationship with family and friends changed since your recovery journey?
12. How have you found strength and courage to continue on your recovery journey?
13. What motivates you to keep working on your recovery?
14. What have been the biggest challenges in your recovery journey?
15. What makes today different from your first day in the recovery journey?
16. What is one thing you never thought you would be able to do in recovery?
17. What was something that was difficult at the beginning of your recovery journey that has become easier now?
18. What do you consider your biggest success since starting your recovery journey?
19. What do you look forward to by the end of your recovery journey?
20. What advice can you give to someone in the beginning stages of their recovery journey?