Icebreaker Questions For Interviews

Introduction: Icebreaker questions can be a great way to start off an interview to help you both feel more relaxed and prepared. Here are 20 creative icebreaker questions to help you get to know the person across the table.

1. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
2. What was your most memorable moment from your last job?
3. What do you think your greatest strength is that’s applicable to this job?
4. Who is someone you look up to professionally?
5. How do you think your work experience has prepared you for this job?
6. If you could have a dream mentor, who would it be?
7. What inspired you to pursue this job or career path?
8. What was the most interesting job you ever had?
9. What are some of your aspirations outside of work?
10. If you could travel anywhere in the world and take a job related to your field, where would it be and why?
11. What do you find most challenging about your current career?
12. What have you found to be the greatest lesson you learned in a difficult professional situation?
13. If you could have a “do-over” in your career, what would you do?
14. How do you stay organized and motivated in your work?
15. If we were to fast forward 5 years, where would you like to see yourself professionally?
16. What would you consider your greatest professional accomplishment?
17. How do you balance personal and professional priorities?
18. What do you think makes a successful interview?
19. What skill sets do you believe are essential for success in this role?
20. What strategies do you use to make complex tasks more manageable?