Icebreaker Questions For Christian Small Groups

Welcome everyone to our Christian small group! Our time together can create some meaningful connections – to warm up we’re going to start with a few icebreaker questions.

1. Where did you grow up and how has your faith journey evolved since then?
2. What is something you learned recently about the bible?
3. Describe a time when you found strength in your faith?
4. Can you recall any personal spiritual breakthroughs in your life?
5. What has been your favorite bible passage to read and why?
6. How has living out your faith impacted the way you live your life?
7. What have you been studying lately in the bible?
8. What are some of the most inspirational Christian songs that you love?
9. How has God’s presence in your life changed how you view the world?
10. Share an example of when you found yourself growing in your spirituality?
11. What are some of the challenges to your faith that you’ve come up against?
12. What moment from church has stayed with you the most?
13. What was the most impactful sermon you’ve ever heard?
14. What book of the bible are you on right now?
15. Describe a time in your faith journey when you received unexpected encouragement?
16. What is something that has brought joy to your spiritual life recently?
17. Share one way you’ve been praying lately?
18. What tradition or practice of Christianity do you think is important in your life?
19. How has Christianity played a part in where you are at today?
20. What is something special that God has blessed you with that you want to share today?